Baptisita is a fat *&*&^#$# toad

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baptista1.jpgHow a class player like Benni McCarthy can play for Blackburn Rovers, while a useless, fat toad like Julio Baptista is in the Arsenal side is beyond me. I need to say nothing more about tonight as the difference in class completely explains tonight’s result. FFS….he can’t be Brazilian. I hate Blackburn.

Old-Age Nonsense

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Murray Chass attacks reason: chass_murray.jpg

Statistics mongers promoting VORP and other new-age baseball statistics.

I receive a daily e-mail message from Baseball Prospectus, an electronic publication filled with articles and information about statistics, mostly statistics that only stats mongers can love.

To me, VORP epitomized the new-age nonsense. For the longest time, I had no idea what VORP meant and didn’t care enough to go to any great lengths to find out. I asked some colleagues whose work I respect, and they didn’t know what it meant either.

Finally, not long ago, I came across VORP spelled out. It stands for value over replacement player. How thrilling. How absurd. Value over replacement player. Don’t ask what it means. I don’t know.

I suppose that if stats mongers want to sit at their computers and play with these things all day long, that’s their prerogative. But their attempt to introduce these new-age statistics into the game threatens to undermine most fans’ enjoyment of baseball and the human factor therein.

People play baseball. Numbers don’t.

What a load of bollocks…his respected friends don’t know, so it is absurd? Any evidence that stats like VORP, which might be the easiest stat to undertstand this side of OPS, are undermining fan’s enjoyment of baseball? This strawman argument was defeated by Bill James years ago, but still finds its way into the gray lady. People, even you Murray, don’t have to subscribe to Baseball Prospectus, but those that do use the site to enhance their enjoyment.


Wayne Ellington: The Key?

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Yoni Cohen has a non-foxsports post up about Wayne Ellington. He may be on to something here, but I wonder if we are asking Wayne to do a little too much. Is he taking too many shots, or just not the right ones?

Another Reason To Hate Pat Riley

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F PatF PatF Pat

“I voted for the man. If you don’t vote, you don’t count.”

Adam Federici sends Mancs through

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Too bad Marcus will be back to face the Gunners this weekend, United are riding their luck these last three matches. I’m not sure if that is a sign that this is their season or a sign that they should tread lightly. Steven Gerrard has vowed not to let United win the title at Anfield…a mathematical genius that one.
MLS is rumored to be interested in signing Carling Cup Legend Robbie Fowler. Carlos Valderrama was unavailable for comment.

Tonight, Arsenal travel to Rovers to battle for the right to take on Citeh. 4,000 Aholes I say, but maybe they’ll send more than one man into our half with all of our injuries.



Jackie Would Believe…

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…and so should you. This season started with the highest of expectations. A pretty good basketball team was going to get very good with the help of an outstanding freshman class. Reading the papers this season, you’d think this team has been a huge disappointment. Their toughness has been questioned, and they’ve even been called selfish and lazy. The easy answers are too many players, toughness, inexperience, and hustle. There could be some truth in the easy answers, and surely it won’t hurt if North Carolina’s basketball team rotates a bit less, gets tougher, gets more experience, and hustles more. Still it is important to consider that this team does primarily play 8 players (only 8 ever play more than 10 minutes), has been tough enough to win in Cameron, @ BC, and @ Arizona, has a senior who has won a national title, and plays at the fastest pace in the nation. Perhaps the easy answers are just wrong.


My easy answer could be just as wrong. Perimeter defense. North Carolina is only allowing 4 points more per game to guards than the season averages. (I used only conference games, Gonzaga, Ohio St, Kentucky, and Arizona). Still, when DJ Strawberry puts up 27 on you…there could be a problem. Ron Lewis and Zabian Dowdell are nice players, but probably shouldn’t be scoring 30+. Jon Scheyer 26 points, Courtney Fells 21. Tyrese Rice 20. Even Greg Paulus scored 15 versus the Heels. It seems that North Carolina are pretty vulnerable to good guard play, and that could spell trouble in the tournament where just about everyone will have decent or better guard play. Ty Lawson plays D with his hands, Wayne Ellington plays matador D without a cape. Wes Miller is 4’8”. Bobby Frasor is not right yet. Only Marcus Ginyard is competent defensively, but he can’t guard everyone.


But wait…this was supposed to be a positive post. According to Ken Pomeroy…who is not looking for easy answers…North Carolina has been extremely unlucky, unluckier than any other team in the top 25. When you lose a close game things like toughness are easy to point to, but what about the bounce of the ball, the terrible foul calls, the stuff that it does no good for Roy to tell his players. He has to point to toughness, inexperience, blah, blah, blah, we don’t though. North Carolina has the most Pythagorean wins in the country and generally speaking margin of victory is much more predictive of success than win-loss. When we play well, even considering our defensive liabilities, we are the best team in the country. Why couldn’t we avoid the hot shooter and/or play very well and make a run to Atlanta? Believe.

Lates Links

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<>We start with February Madness. Clearly the selection committee (wouldn’t) screw Doris, but we must side with Sarah. The world needs more Pam and more Ward.

For the 30th straight year some scribe suggests the power in ACC basketball may no longer reside in North Carolina. Yawns.

Not sure why Nolan Hayes thinks that last year’s team was tougher. This seems to be a media theme and I’ll try and refute this a little bit later today.

Finally, apparently, we are not the only team the likes to shake things up.

Hello world!

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Just what the world needs….another blog. Nevertheless, I’m blogging. Oh. Yes.

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