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Reyshawn….I really love Reyshawn Terry. I’m not too happy that he’s been ‘toughing’ out an injury when we are the deepest team in the country, but it is not surprising. Reyshawn is just silly. I’ll always remember his flashes of good play in 2005 that led to the ‘put Reyshawn in’ chants when ever Melvin Scott missed a shot. He had 5 pretty big points in the game some consider to be the turning point for the program. He also had a big double-double in Cameron this season. He’s an outrageous character on the floor for the Heels, capable of ridiculous blocks and dunks as well as dreadful passes and defense. He might be the most unpredictable Tar Heel I’ve ever seen. If he socres 25 against Dook on Sunday I’d be no more shocked than if he had zero. Terry has often been singled out by Coach Williams for poor decisions and a lack of focus, but for better or worse he’s the leader of this team. What little basketball Reyshawn has left for North Carolina will probably define his career, but who could better represent this team better than the talented and inconsistent Reyshawn Terry. Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch….and I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Radio’s Final Act.’



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  1. He’s a real enigma. He impressed two years ago and was solid last year. Maybe it is injuries but there really is no need for lots of drama. McCants had to cut his scoring his last year for the good of the team and he ended up fine with Minnesota. Reyshawn just needs to know that everybody knows how talented he is and just do what he can do.

  2. Ray doesn’t know how talented he is…

  3. He looked pretty good today. Let’s send to Durham to kick Henderson’s ass.

  4. Here’s K’s quote last year on Jim Larranaga suspending one of his own players for hitting another player, time to step up Kazooski:

    “It sends chills through my entire body to hear what Jim did,” Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “Honestly, if he was here right now, I’d give him a big hug. We need more coaches to have the courage to step up in situations like this and say to our kids, ‘That’s wrong; I’m not making excuses for you.’ If I were in the same situation, I hope I’d be gutsy enough and strong enough to do the same thing, but I can’t swear to you that I would. If a big-name coach did something like that, people would be fitting him for sainthood by tomorrow.

  5. In our house, we’ve taken to using this phrase:

    Reyshawn giveth
    Reyshawn taketh away

    Suffice to say, he may have a lot to do with how the rest of the season plays out.

    Him and Dewey Burke.


  6. The Reyshawn highlight reel would be spectacular to behold, but if you edited it to include his spectacularly good and spectacularly bad plays, you’d have a 1:1 ratio.

    I always wish he could play within himself — if not within the system of the team itself.

    He’s always been a great rebounder.

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