Everything Decided?

March 5, 2007 at 1:25 pm | Posted in Football, Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

“I Like Pie!!!!!”
I’m not sure if everything has ever been so clear-cut in English football by March. A quick look at the table and it appears the champions will be none other than Manchester f*cking United. The bastards got lucky again this weeked as they were thoroughly outplayed by Liverpool, but managed to score a crap goal. John O’Shite, of all people, netted the winner in the 90th minute. I can’t give too much credit for winning four matches in a row without playing much decent football, but up until recently they have been outstanding and may still set a record for league points. The battle for Champions League football also looks all but wrapped up. The Walrus’s Wanders and Pompey both lost again this weekend, leaving little doubt that the big 4 will remain so. At the other end of the table, Charlton were unable to get three points at Vicarage Road, and Penfold’s West Ham fell apart (again) against Sp*rs. Manchester City are just six points clear of the Addicks, but with two games in hand the blues are probably safe. I suppose there is still a race on for Europe Junior, but league football in England seems all but over.


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  1. Let there be no doubt that this post is an attempt to jinx ManUre…

  2. Who the fuck are manu? GO MAGPIES!

  3. Repeat after me.
    Manchester United
    Who the fcuk are manu indeed.

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