Tyler’s nose IS broken

March 5, 2007 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | 4 Comments


Good thing he does not breathe with it…link



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  1. I totally scooped you on this!

    And I will reiterate, it’s almost as bad, in my opinion, to demonstrate wanton disregard for the safety of the players around you, as it is to intentionally hurt other players. Any one of us who has played organized or even disorganized sports knows this. At this point I don’t care at all about intent. You can’t gauge intent. But every player on the court is responsible for playing a clean game, and you don’t have to intend to hurt someone to play dirty.

  2. I don’t think the play was dirty. If mcbob was trying to dunk up 10 with a minute to go, I’d want someone to make sure he didn’t. Henderson deserves his suspension for playing out of control, but his actions are understandable.

  3. But Tyler had already lost the ball after having been fouled before Henderson swung his arm. Did he really not have faith that one of the two guys already tangling up with tyler could manage to keep him from scoring? Henderson was several feet away when tyler got control of the ball and started making his turn.

    In my opinion, if you’re going in for a hard foul, you have the responsibility to TRY to not cause any lasting injury. By not accepting this responsibility, I think you are taking yourself out of the realm of “reasonable”

    In wrestling, the best example I can come up with, if you lift an opponent off his feet, you are responsible for getting him back to the mat safely. Disregard for that responsibility will get you in big trouble. I don’t think this should be any different. If you are consciously entering or in this case CAUSING a dangerous situation, your responsibility for safety should be elevated. It is not reasonable to shirk this. I think I’m being redundant.

  4. “Did he really not have faith that one of the two guys already tangling up with tyler could manage to keep him from scoring?”

    Who were those guys again? Pocius and Johnson, or something like that. Vs. Tyler.

    His supsension is deserved. Beyond that, I don’t think demonizing Henderson makes much sense.

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