Enfamil or Similac?

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It’s great that Rick Morrissey is sharing so much, but you can’t just leave us hanging like that.

So allow me to sort it out in print. Periodically while reading, you are to look up and say, “And he attributes these feelings to not having been breastfed as a baby?”
I like the NFL because the level of play is so much higher than in college football. I know I’m watching the best when I see the Colts’ Peyton Manning play. I know I’m not watching the best when I see Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn play. He might be the best someday, but not yet. I want the best out of my football right now.

By that line of thinking, you’d think I’d like the NBA more than college basketball. It has all the best players. It has sucked colleges dry of most of the top talent. And yet I find the NBA’s regular season tedious. I find myself thinking, “Enough already with Sacramento-Indiana in February. Hurry up with the playoffs.” I find myself thinking, “One more chartreuse suit by TNT’s Craig Sager and I swear I’m heading to a roof with a high-powered rifle.”

Regular-season college basketball games are so much more exciting, or at least so much more emotional, than their NBA counterparts. College fans care more too. The people in the stands at NBA games know that the players don’t always care, and they take their lead from them. With 82 regular-season games, the players couldn’t possibly care as much as we’d like them to. Can you imagine an NBA team regularly pressing its opponents? Only if you can imagine an NBA team reaching exhaustion by midseason.


The NFL and NCAA basketball better than the NBA and NCAA football? Undoubtedly, and I think Morrissey nails the intensity problem in the association. As for college football, it’s not any more of a sport than figure skating.


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