Make a Difference!

March 6, 2007 at 3:46 pm | Posted in Basketball, Ed Geth | 3 Comments

Sign this petition:

It won’t do any good.  Nope, not a bit of difference, except to align yourself with thousands of like minded people who, hell, might just buy you a beer if you cross paths.  Because if you hate Billy Packer, you are most definitely not alone.



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  1. If calling a player a monkey and this:

    won’t get Packer fired, his legitimate opinion on Hansbrough-Henderson won’t even make a dent.

  2. Holy wow! Never heard that story. But yeah, I don’t mean that one should sign the petition because of the Henderson-Hansbrough thing. I just don’t want to hear him anymore.

  3. I would love for CBS to ditch their lead team of Nantz and Packer. Wishcasting is fun if not useful.

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