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March 7, 2007 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Timo Makkonen | 2 Comments

Now I’m not one to pile onto the Duke lacrosse thing. I’m no soothsayer but I had a feeling from the beginning a lot of it was based on lies. Agree to disagree but having a stripper entertain you is fine…saying derogatory things to the stripper isn’t cool, but neither is a DA trumping up charges, well, that’s a whole other issue, but what is fun is slamming Duke especially when they’ve already paid you to perform there in the coming months. Here’s what our good friend Tubafrenzy had to say:

Have you heard about the Duke last-day-of-classes controversy? It’s
gotten very little attention compared to their other numerous
controversies…..but they booked Common to play the LDOC concert on
April 25th. And then after they signed the contract, someone found out
that Common had talked all kinds of smack about the Duke lacrosse team
in a freestyle at Emory University.

So now they are all up in arms about their own selection but they
can’t do anything about it.

I think I will go to the concert, wearing a Psycho T shirt.



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  1. Who was the silly guy at that youtube page calling him a sellout? New York Rangers fan perhaps? 🙂

  2. Well done Timo…rapists no, douchebags yes

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