Jackie’s ACC Tournament Preview

March 8, 2007 at 9:56 am | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | 1 Comment



Believe it or not, not every team can win the ACC Tournament. In fact, only one team can. I couldn’t be sure which team will win, but I looked into this and usually the whole thing ends up with one team cutting down the nets. This year’s version takes place in Tampa Bay (not literally). I’m not sure what connection there is between ACC basketball and Tampa, but it’s a bit late to reconsider. I suppose I’ll go ahead and make a few predictions for you to mock:


  • The team that scores the most points on Sunday will win…..I feel good about this one.
  • Clemson will knock off FSU. This one looks like a NCAA play in game. Lots of things in the Seminoles favor here….they are the ‘home’ team, there is that anti-probability cliché about not beating a team three times, and FSU also has the game’s (league’s) best player in Al(fred) Thornton. Still, I think Ollie P will figure out some way to make sure other Seminoles are taking shots and an injured Toney Douglas is sure to turn the ball over and give the Tigers some easy baskets.
  • Dook will make a decent run in this tournament. Several are predicting a Wolfpack win tonight and it certainly is possible. I don’t see it though. I imagine the Blue Devils will make things very difficult for State and that good looks will be rare. Rat-face will clearly use a “the world hates dook” pep talk and I can see the Greg Paulus fist pumps already. I’d love for State to advance, but I have a terrible feeling this Dook team will be playing on Sunday.
  • Virginia won’t win the tournament. The regular season co-champs took advantage of the softest conference schedule (dook, unc, bc, and gt only once) and deserve props for it. I’m guessing they get exposed a bit this weekend.
  • Billy Packer will piss someone off. (I need to get some sure things in here)
  • Roy Williams will finally win the ACC Tournament. Roy has not been shy about his dislike of conference tournaments. I can certainly see why he feels the way he does. A week from now we’ll be checking out Central Connecticut’s profile. With this team limping down the stretch and barely ‘earning’ the #1 seed this tourney is a real challenge for this team. Their depth is perfect for this format and perhaps last week’s scary flight and the Henderson-Psycho T incident has caused this team to gel. I think North Carolina is the best team in this conference and this weekend is another opportunity for them to prove me right. (Do it for me!)


Here is an ACC Tournament Prediction Contest.


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  1. Al Thornton just went down in the box for the winning goal…..

    Terrible call.

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