Not In Mickie’s House

March 12, 2007 at 10:25 am | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment


Dook’s supporters tried to use a ‘bend but don’t break’ strategy on Thursday, however much like the actual team they were unsuccessful.


Sitting in front of Mike Krzyzewski’s family at the ACC Tournament is like taking the seat on an airplane that’s directly in front of a couple with a very young child. You’re not sure exactly what’s coming over the next couple of hours — good, bad or in between — but there’s a very strong chance that the experience will be memorable.

<>The funniest thing the Krzyzewski clan did was a direct response to repeated heckling of the Duke coach. Every single time a fan yelled “Sit down, Krzyzewski!!” at Coach K on the sidelines, the Krzyzewski family — in unison, and without hesitation — would stand up in defiance. It was a classic display. <>Near the end of the State-Duke game, with the outcome obvious, a fan yelled at Coach K, “Hey, Mike, pull your starters,” yet another reference to the regular-season finale between Duke and UNC. One of the males (not Cragg or Henderson) in the Krzyzewski camp turned and responded to the heckler: “Shut up, (expletive deleted).” Mickie Krzyzewski then restored order by reminding everyone not to speak directly to other fans.


No word on whether the the offender planned to have a stripper over afterwards.

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