Dear NC State Fans

March 13, 2007 at 10:33 am | Posted in Ed Geth, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

It must get under your skin that Coach Williams said last night on his radio broadcast that Lawson’s dunk didn’t bother him.  I guess it doesn’t matter that he hit the nail right on the head in his explanation.  They’re kids.  They just won a tremendously hard fought game in which both teams played a very high level of basketball.  Roy just didn’t think that it was that big a deal that Lawson decided to let loose and celebrate by dunking.  I’m inclined to agree, except for one thing.  I thought it was a HUGE deal. I was so glad that Lawson punctuated our victory with a slam (not his first of the season, mind you), a clap, and a F*ck Yeah.  It’s because I abhor NC State fans.

NC State fans, you are terrible.  Calling you obnoxious would be like calling Brian Peppers a little creepy. You think that you get a raw deal in the public eye because State-Haters bill you as redneck hicks.  Well, it’s not as though there isn’t some evidence out there.  And practically every time I come across a state fan, whether it be commenting on YouTube files, on message boards, on sports radio, in replies to online columns, or anywhere else, it’s the same stuff.  In fact, the only state fan that breaks this stereotype is my brother.  And lord knows what he says when we’re not together, working hard to keep our true feelings hidden from each other when we talk sports.

 There is a reason why Arizona State is my second favorite team in the NCAA.  There is a reason why I get sick to my stomach every time a full grown adult flashes that wolfie sign.  And it’s not that I hate NC State University.  I hate State fans.  You drove away the coach that gave you this team which you have been congratulating in-between expressions of your desire to get old school on Lawson and hang him from a tree.  You whine more than Jared Dudley after he attempts to drag Tylers broken nose to the back of his head.

But most of all, you call for violence just because a kid demonstrated his joy by scoring two points when he didn’t have to.  State fan, everyone in the region knows this but you.  You have no grasp whatsoever on what is fun about loyalty to a school or a team.  You miss the point entirely.  YOU PISS IN YOUR OWN STANDS.  So just accept that you are in fact the bottom of the sports fan barrel, and here’s to hoping that one of you doesn’t shoot another one of you in the parking lot this year.



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  1. Easy there Ed….easy.

    I don’t care for the Pack either, but those lunatics are not representative of the whole fan base. Besides that, it is much more offensive to them, to pretend/acknowledge that you couldn’t be bothered with little old N.C. State. There is nothing they hate worse than the Carolina fan saying “I don’t mind N.C State. Isn’t Herb so nice? Who do you play in the NIT again?”

  2. I was thinking that at first, but I have to say I disagree. I think state fans are far more bothered that we think they’re a bunch of violent racists than they would be if we claimed not to care. For instance, I’ll bet I will get more of a reaction if I try to pass out white robes and hoods next season outside the RBC center than if I don’t go at all!

  3. Arguing with State fans is simply a waste of time.

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