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March 13, 2007 at 7:19 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 1 Comment

Neck Nation continues to exude class. Roy Williams program is not all about basketball. Ken Tysic writes that Coach K spent the weekend gardening. Ken Pomeroy crunches numbers for the Midwest and West.Yoni Cohen says Texas is for real. Eastern Kentucky? Tar Heel Fan notes that the Heels will be the late show. Adam Lucas explains why.

CanesCountry is frustrated. I watched the Rangers game on delay…and thought we played pretty well. Malik’s goal was soft, Graham got lucky on that ridiculous clear, and our power play seemed better. Ward is out for a week….Huge game tonight at home for Carolina, and probably the last I’ll watch until the 27th for March related reasons.

This blog does a decent job explaining relegation and is also a worthwhile read if you want to learn about gaelic football, rugby or Aussie rules.

Davidson is really lame. CATAMOUNTS in the gray lady!! Bobbycats finally win! The Lady Heels are bored. Phil Jackson doubts the power of Christ.


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  1. “oh wow, i hope someone sticks him in the fucking face”

    “I would seriously take a baseball bat to lawson’s face right now.”

    “We played great Carolina had two relative easy victories plus their deep bench. Its a shame Lawson showed typical n****r Carolina class.”

    “Fuck UNC, hope they trip and fall on their faces 1st game in the NCAAs so I can go over to chapel hill myself and take a wet dump on their faggot chapel.”

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