Mr. Hyperbole and Bitter Old C*NT will be in East Rutherford too

March 19, 2007 at 2:02 pm | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | 4 Comments


FFS ….we got Nantz and Packer this weekend.



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  1. To me Packer has not been as bad this year. (Am i the only one who thinks that?)

    Don’t get me wrong he’s still an ass. But he did not seem to crack on Carolina as much this year.

    Maybe Tyler reminds him of ole Bones McKinney?

  2. Fair point. Also, Al Qaeda has also not been as bad this year. (perhaps this analogy is a bit strong but…well….F Bill Packer)

  3. I often go back and forth on whether I hate Packer or Vitale more. Now I know, I hate Mike Patrick the most. And I probably don’t mind Packer quite as much, because he actually talks about the game, even it’s just to tell us what everyone is doing wrong.

  4. Patrick adds quite a bit of unintentional comedy though. Vitale is annoying too but at least he likes basketball. Packer knows basketball, but he shares Dick’s need to be bigger than the game he’s calling. Futhermore he’s a sexist, racist, conservative ftard. His voice raises my blood pressure.

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