Jackie’s USC-UNC Preview

March 23, 2007 at 12:38 pm | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

usc_sword.jpg vs. strutting_ram_new_blue.gif

Considering my poor standing in all 211 bracket contests I’ve entered, any prediction/analysis of tonight’s game should be taken with considerbale pffffffffffffffffffffft. I still had a reasonable chance in some of them until Memphis beat Texas A&M last night, but I’ve been severely humbled and must now resort to the lame ‘people who know nothing always win these bracket contests’.

In addition, I know little about USC (which I suppose matters not) . I did see the game last December, but other than tip time, there’s very little similar about this match up. We all pretty much know the deal with this team, if they play well they’ll be extremely tough to beat. USC might be one of the few teams out there that could beat us on a good night, but I doubt it. Certainly, Reyshawn’s health is a major concern, but this North Carolina team is more capable of handling an injury than any other. This team has been mostly solid for 6 straight games now and I see no reason why we won’t be tonight. 9 long hours left!

To help get you through:

Art Chansky looks back at previous Tar Heel trips to the Meadowlands.

Reyshawn Terry: the Engima

What is King Rice up to?

Pay special attention to the USC cheerleaders.

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