Reyshawn Threatens Massacre

March 28, 2007 at 2:10 pm | Posted in Basketball, Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

Not sure how I missed this.

Still, my CBS colleague, Billy Packer, is not impressed with Terry. In an interview this week with New York’s WFAN radio, Packer called Terry soft.

“Terry, in my estimation, has always played soft,” Packer said. He later added: “There are some guys that know how to play hurt and there are some guys that don’t.”

When I asked Terry his thoughts on the comments by Packer, Terry responded: “Anyone who thinks I’m soft doesn’t know s— about basketball.”

“He has his opinion,” Terry said of Packer. “Billy Packer has been around the game long enough to know better. Soft? That’s foolish. It’s offensive to be called that. I try not to let that sort of stuff bother me but I will say that if Billy Packer played in my day, I would bust his ass. It would be a massacre.”



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  1. Tre-fo in the house. I’m pretty sure Packer lives/lived there and of course that’s Reyshawn’s hometown. My money’s on Reyshawn

    Also from W-S: Bob Wall.
    winston-salem 9 up, 8 down

    “A city in the SE United States in North Carolina. Known far and wide as a nexus of the asinine, and for being bereft of any pleasurable activities or passtimes; typically the youth of the city resort to such things as loitering, frittering, idling, trifling, and dawdling around with a blank stare. Most prominant landmark is the “Penile Tower”. “

  2. billy packer is a f****t who is bitter that his alma mater, wake, has never really won diddly- just peered through the keyhole at the other ACC/tobacco road teams that have. it’s ok for his to have his biases and loyalties– but he should do a better job of subdueing them when he’s in proximity of a MICROPHONE as a COMMENTATOR! reyshawn has a chance to do someitng he never could– be a bigtime pro player. he may not make a huge splash in the NBA, but he could definitely pack his bags and come over here (i live in czech republic) and be a HOOPS GOD in one of the big european leagues (spain, greece. italy, etc). though i gice him a good chance stateside. well, eonough of my rant, but if anyone wants to start a hate billy packer website/blog i can gice you plenty of content. sign out, jim gray

  3. terry is one off the best around

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