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April 26, 2007 at 9:10 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Mays and Crittenton testing the waters too. Dave Sez likes the Clash.
ACC Top Ten Returning Scorers (if everyone stays in the draft)

1. Psycho T

2. Brandon Costner

3. Tyrese Rice

4. Jack McClinton

5. Gavin Grant

6. Ben McCauley

7. DeMarcus Nelson

8. Wayne Ellington

9. K.C Rivers

10. James Gist

Sit next to Surry Wood. ZZZZZZZZZZ. Mad Jens will return. Fly, Eagles, Fly.

Is it wrong to actively support on of your team’s players getting injured? Juan Pierre is almost single handedly keeping the Dodgers from being a good baseball team. Rick Allen has a stronger left arm and now he is actually dropping routine flyballs. He leads the team in PA and has a -1.2 VORP. He is supposed to be fast, but he just turned 30 and is getting thrown out 30% of the time. If he plays every day, the Dodgers will miss the playoffs by 5 games and I would randomly guess that Juan would cost us about 10 games. Since he’s getting paid $45 effin million to destroy my baseball team, there is Little to no chance he will be benched. I have to root for a (more) broken arm here, no?

Also can we please not throw any more 87 mph fastballs to Barry Lamar Bonds? Ian Eagle  feeling it. FFS…

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