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May 3, 2007 at 7:19 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 1 Comment

2008 Basketball Targets. 2008 Football Targets.
Athens is spared a Manc-Scouser cup final as Premier League defeats United. Manure have been class all season and now everyone is ripping Demento and the players, but they just ran out of gas. They’ve been fighting on three fronts for 4 months now and they just had too many injuries and too many games for a rested and gifted Milan side. With Gattuso on the pitch they were better in both ties. At least the real trophies are still there for the taking. Vieira questions Milan’s legitimacy.

Dodgers score 4 runs in taking two of three from the Snakes. Um..ok.

I’m still trying to rationalize the Dolphins draft…give me some time.

Aunt Thomas?

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  1. 2-0 3-0 no big deal. It was not a slaughter but a solid win.

    But that third goal did NOT matter. 2-2 we win 3-2 we’re alive still. We still needed two goals. If anything we should have pushed up more.

    Milan outplayed us. Kaka had a great goal and Seedorf’s was class. Im still trying to understand why Gattuso did not get sent off after two vicious EPL tackles. But he got away with it.
    Good for him.

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