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Brandan will play with Charlotte Golden State.  Reyshawn will play with Dirk. Mcbobby cost himself around 10 million clams sucking with Dook last season! The Sports Putz’s annual diary. Jay Bilas sucks. Bobbycats in playoffs?

Nats run out of gas against Argentina. Tim Vickery writes that it was not that bad. The scoreline was a bit harsh, but when you take a B team for no good reason….there are no excuses. It was a bad result and when Bobby B added:

“When you play in tournaments like this, you have to understand the level of competition,”

That’s a joke right? TOP recaps.

Ronnie Franchise elected to the Hall! Welker> Moss? Geordies busy? The Big Op Ed. Golden Balls to blame?


Best English Football Kit Sponsorships

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I came across a pretty nifty site this morning and spent a few hours looking at how kits have evolved. They don’t have the away kits posted so instead of doing a list of the best and worst kits….here are the best ads:

10. Birmingham City 1986-87

birmingham_city_1986-1987-d.gif Continue Reading Best English Football Kit Sponsorships…

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Dook sucks. Luciana Chavez says location matters more than money? Reyshawn and Brandan nervous?

USA (B) opens up their Copa America against La Selección. Nat preview. Mexico stuns Brasil. TOP is impressed.

Classic Madrid management. DeMarcus joins Glasgow Rangers.Typical Giant fan. The sp*rs of Uganda. Red knickers win!

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Reyshawn confidant he will be drafted. ACC projections. Brandan is liked.
John Hollinger attempts to quantify college stats into a draft prospectus of sorts. It’s an admirable shot and he is very clear that this is version 1.0 and isn’t perfect. I don’t think he’ll be able to find too much use in individual college stats though. It is such small sample and there are far too few common opponents.

Railhawks advance to take on the Chicago Fire! Defense of the RBI. Peru! Serious Hazard. Who’s fault? I read this yesterday and am still laughing about it. Poor ratface. Gold > Stanley.

BernStein and WoodFord

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Sources: Suns back in KG chase
Sources: Wolves PR department

There was a growing sentiment around the league Tuesday night that the Kevin Garnett sweepstakes are nearing a conclusion and that the Phoenix Suns are the most likely winners, with two trade scenarios emerging that could potentially land Garnett in the desert by draft night.

WHAT? what the hell is growing sentiment?

The key stumbling block for Boston would be Marion’s reluctance to play for the Celtics, which sources say was conveyed to both teams last week when the idea of a three-team trade involving these clubs was first made public.

Oh…well I’m sure they can take him to a Sox game and change his mind….

Another possible stumbling block: Minnesota, sources say, has been adamant that any trade with Boston would include Al Jefferson.

Maybe Minnesota will take Ratliff instead?

The Celtics, in turn, are willing to part with Jefferson only if they’re the team that gets Garnett.

So um what the fuck is this article about then?

In the newer trade scenario, sources say, Minnesota is looking to acquire Atlanta’s No. 3 and No. 11 picks in the draft along with several cap-friendly contracts from the Hawks and Suns. To participate, Atlanta wants Stoudemire from Phoenix.

Is that all? Billy Knight: “Hey we could be in on this….you know…if the Suns want to do what they’ve said they won’t do.”

Such a trade would hold significantly greater appeal to Minnesota than any Celtics’ offer that didn’t include Jefferson. The Hawks, meanwhile, would be able to reunite Stoudemire with ex-Suns teammate Joe Johnson and immediately field a promising big-and-small core to build around and make Atlanta competitive, given the current state of the Eastern Conference.

At this point I think it is fair to ask whether Chad Ford AND Marc Stein are playing NBA 2K7. This stuff could happen….on an xbox.

The Suns, though, are understandably reluctant to part with Stoudemire after he made the All-NBA first team in what appears to be the most successful comeback from microfracture knee surgery that the NBA has ever witnessed.

Damn….Billy Knight was ready to deal.

The Lakers, meanwhile, haven’t abandoned all hope of partnering Garnett with the increasingly frustrated Kobe Bryant just yet. Another concept in circulation Tuesday raised the possibility of a multi-team trade in which the Indiana Pacers’ Jermaine O’Neal would go to Atlanta, with Lakers forward Lamar Odom and young center Andrew Bynum heading to the Pacers. That package, at worst, would send the No. 3 pick in the draft to Minnesota as the main payoff for Garnett.

I feel dizzy.

But the Suns increasingly look like the favorites, given that Phoenix is Garnett’s preferred destination if he has to leave the only NBA city he has ever known and with the Suns clearly possessing more trade assets. The Wolves are looking for a combination of high draft picks, top young talent and expiring contracts to provide cap relief. The Lakers don’t have a draft pick higher than No. 19 to offer and Minnesota, sources say, is not interested in Odom because of the two years and nearly $28 million left on the lanky lefty’s contract.

OK…so Phoenix it is….stumbling blocks be damned.

It’s believed that the Suns will continue trying to keep Stoudemire out of any deal, but sources say that the athletically gifted 24-year-old is not untouchable -…

FOR F*CKS SAKE..did Marc and Chad co-write this sentence

not with the Wolves having finally made the philosophical commitment to end the Garnett Era after years of speculation and with Phoenix feeling as though there is no better player it could acquire to counter San Antonio’s Tim Duncan, who is seen as the Suns’ biggest obstacle to getting out of the Western Conference playoffs.

Tim Duncan to to Wolves anyone?

Sources say Minnesota, furthermore, clearly hopes to complete a Garnett trade before the draft begins in hopes of securing a pick in first half of the lottery to go with its own No. 7 selection. The fact that Wolves owner Glen Taylor left the country for China on Tuesday afternoon for his honeymoon doesn’t appear to have slowed the Wolves down at all.

Finally some news!

Yet it remains to be seen if the Hawks, who have been notoriously reluctant to make roster moves of any sort for months because of their uncertain ownership situation, will actually commit to join in on a trade of this magnitude.

All that stuff about the Hawks earlier…our editors needed 300 words.

In any case, it’s a trade that, even without completion, has seemingly eclipsed one of the most anticipated drafts in years.


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The Limo Driver feels good about not having a PG. David Glenn looks at ACC draft prospects. Recruiting news not so great.

One of these things is not like the other (good at basketball). Cheese Doodles.

Railhawks play tonight!

Copa America starts today! The Nats will be participating in that AND the U20 World Cup in Canada. Here is a TV schedule with definate games in bold.

GOLTV COPA 6/28/2007 Thu Argentina vs. United States Maracaibo C 8:50PM

ESPNU UND20WC 6/30/2007 Sat Korea Rep. vs. United States D Montreal 4:45 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/2/2007 Mon United States vs. Paraguay Barinas C 6:35PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/3/2007 Tue United States vs. Poland D 5:00 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/5/2007 Thu Colombia vs. United States Barquisimeto C 6:35PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/6/2007 Fri Brazil vs. United States D 7:45 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/7/2007 Sat 1st Group A vs. 2nd Best Third San Cristóbal S1 6:05PM

GOLTV COPA 7/7/2007 Sat Best Third vs. 2nd Group B Barinas S2 8:50PM

GOLTV COPA 7/8/2007 Sun 1st Group B vs. 2nd Group C Maturín S3 4:05PM

GOLTV COPA 7/8/2007 Sun 1st Group C vs. 2nd Group A Barquisimeto S4 6:50PM

GOLTV COPA 7/10/2007 Tue Winner S1 vs. Winner S2 Caracas F1 8:50PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/11/2007 Wed Winner D vs. 3rd B E F Toronto 7:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/11/2007 Wed Winner B vs. 3rd A C D Burnaby 8:15 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/11/2007 Wed Winner S3 vs. Winner S4 Puerto Ordaz F2 8:50PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/12/2007 Thu Winner E vs. 2nd D Toronto 4:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/14/2007 Sat QF Winner 37 vs. Winner 38  2:15 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/14/2007 Sat Loser F1 vs. Loser F2 Caracas   5:05PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/14/2007 Sat QF Winner 39 vs. Winner 40 5:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/15/2007 Sun QF Winner 41 vs. Winner 42 2:15 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/15/2007 Sun Winner F1 vs. Winner F2 Maracaibo   5:05PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/15/2007 Sun QF Winner 43 vs. Winner 44 7:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/18/2007 Wed SEMIS 5:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/19/2007 Thu SEMIS 7:45  PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/22/2007 Sun FINAL 12:15 PM

The sky is not falling!

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It is cloudy and a storm might be on the way, but it will eventually pass. It might not even be that bad of a storm…possibly a shower…or even a stiff breeze…um…

I’m still pretty heartbroken. I loved Thierry Henry. Maybe I never met him or anything…but as far as man-sporting crushes go…our relationship was pretty serious. Paddy Vieira and Tony Adams might have been my favorite players, but Thierry was legitimately brilliant at football. You support teams not because they are awesome or brilliant, but because you have to do something silly and fun with your time and there is nothing sillier and funner than supporting a club/team/sport. Anyways you don’t expect or even require getting to watch someone unique and amazing on one of your teams. It might happen, but it’s not guaranteed. (granted you have a much better chance if you pick one of the big four English football teams in 1997) You never knew what Thierry would do, but you could be pretty sure that whatever it was would be very, very entertaining. Not only that, but he’s been the best striker in the premiership, if not the world, for the last five years. He scores goals and that is an (apparently) underrated part of football.

Seeing him in Barcelona today WAS sickening. Still, you can pretend to be upset with him that you’ve been left for someone bigger, you can drink a bunch of whiskey and hook up with an easy target, or you can recognize that what you’ve had was awesome….also….that it couldn’t last forever.

I’m changing gears now before this post gets too creepy but I wish Thierry the best in Catalonia. Seriously.

Arsenal are at a crossroads, sure, but Arsene Wenger has not left yet. Cesc Fabregas is still a Gunner. Arsenal are not Sp*rs and they never will be. The sky is not falling. For now, we’ll just have to settle for that.

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Heels go down with a ping. Wait until next year? If only the headline could have been reversed.

ACCnow basketball preview part III.

Nats win the Gold Cup! Very impressive play in the second half. We surely need to add a finisher and replace Gooch, but Ricardo Clark looks like the real deal. Jon Carter previews Copa America. The key player for the US is not on the roster. I can’t understand why we agree to play in Copa America if we are not going to try and win it. With all due respect to the risk to Bob Bradley’s reputation, this is weak stuff from the Nats. Maybe the kids will pull off one shocker, but what exactly will that prove?

Meet the Bavarians…from Milwaukee.

Dolphin bite? Canes Country has trade rumors/facts. Not funny. Neck fight.

I’ll post more about the end of the world laters…

Au Revoir

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North Carolina returns to the Finals! Sudden Power the key? Roy has thoughts.

ACC Now has a summerbasketball preview! Parts 1 & 2.

Tudor’s picks Giglio’s picks
N.C. State Clemson
Duke N.C. State
Clemson Duke
UVa Md
Md Miami
Wake Wake
Miami VT

Jackie’s picks


Georgia Tech

North Carolina State
Boston College
Florida State
Wake Forest
Virginia Tech

Maryland got screwed.

US screws US Jr. Terrible call. We need his take on the war of 1812 2007. Grant Wahl on the dreadful Nat performace. I predict Mexico will rip this team to shreds on Sunday. Gooch put in his best performance….until he headed the ball right into the path of Hutchinson. Landycakes missed the sitter of all sitters and I couldn’t find a link this morning. If you find please post in the comments.

An athlete I can respect. NHL DRAFT!!! Sexy LaRussa. Shotgun Fake Option Seamer. Jackie Manuel’s Posse moves up to 176,645,321! Finally! Dreamweaver.

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