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June 5, 2007 at 7:25 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

North Carolina advances through Chapel Hill Regional. Next Up: 3 game series with South Carolina in Chapel Hill. The schedule and ticket information is not available yet, but they ‘ll surely go fast. Winner joins Rodney Atkins in the College World Series proper. Feed Brandan? Wayne Ellington will try to play in the Pan Am Games. We all remember the games of 2003 and hopefully Wayne won’t let us down.

The Dodgers are .333 done and open a big series tonight. Jonah Keri looks at the race and Jon Weisman has a tremendous take on the season in progress.

Chad Ford has some numbers(insider) from NBA draft camp:

Al Thornton 35 41.5 9 11.96 3.16 17
Joakim Noah 32.5 37.5 12 11.79 3.47 43

I’m sure some brilliant NBA exec will take the Youngs , Brewer, Noah, and the Wrights before Al Thornton and I’m almost just as sure that the FSU baller will be better than all of them. One note from Chad on our boy Brandan:

What’s the difference between Al Horford and Brandan Wright?

They are both roughly the same height. They both have a 35.5-inch maximum vertical. And their standing reach is within one inch of each other. But that’s where the comparisons end. Horford has 44 pounds on Wright. He benched 185 pounds 18 more times. And he’s much more skilled as a post player right now. I think this may put more GMs in the Horford corner.

Was Kelly Tripucka on hand for this? Anaheim Hockey> Canada. History lessons from The Sun. What took UEFA so long? Designed for Gold?


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