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I hate it when dumb Americans like myself try to “fix” the World Cup or suggest a playoff for European football. When you are watching Fulham-Pompey at 10 am on a Saturday morning….well that’s a sign of that league’s success. Fixing is for things that are broken. Like….


First some disclosures. I do follow the NBA….but not like the other sports. I have a weak interest in the Charlotte Bobcats. It might be stronger if a: they were not in Charlotte, b: their games were available on DirecTV, c: they didn’t wear orange and purple. ( I already support a teal and orange team remember…this is also keeping me from catching a full case of Railhawk fever) I play fantasy basketball and read ESPN’s Daily Dime every day. I really admire John Hollinger’s work. Still, I’m hardly a hardcore supporter of the league. I watched less than 25 games (playoffs included) and even went to bed during two GS-Dallas games. I routinely stay up to watch the Dodgers lose…the point of all this….I’m not qualified to “fix” the NBA. Finally, I realize this will NEVER happen. However since everyone else is trying…here’s what I wrote to my pal who does watch 100+ games a year in early April:

1987-2005 NBA Champions Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs

That is it…17 years and 5 teams…go back to 1984 and include 2006 and you only add the Celtics and Heat. 20 years and 7 teams!

The NBA has lots of problems( bad playoff teams/dumb coaching/best teams in PCT) but compare that kind of dominance to any other sport (outside of Euro football) and you’ll see why ratings are bad…most teams have had a miserable twenty years. Since only 5 players play the game, it is easy to understand why basketball goes this MJ, Duncan, or Shaq can influence things much more than a Dan Marino or Roger Clemens. That is, essentially, why you see the tanking going on as the future of the team that gets Oden when compared to that of the team whom gets Noah is MUCH MUCH brighter.

Still, the 70s saw 8 NBA champions in 10 seasons. Perhaps, the league is just too big and too thin these days. In my dream, the NBA splits into two divisions with promotion and relegation.

The top 8 teams of the top division would enter the playoffs and the top six of the lower division. The top division would be for the World Title and the bottom league would be for promotion to the top. The bottom three of the top division would be demoted to the lower league. You’d play each team 4 times…56 game regular season, meaning each game mattered. If that was the case each team would have so much to play for.

San Antonio-Houston

Miami and Toronto trying to catch Chicago and Cleveland

Washington, LAL, LAC, Denver and Golden St are fighting to avoid relegation. Two stay up, three go down.

New Jersey-Minnesota
New Orleans-New York

Lottery where each team has an equal chance at the #1 draft pick:
Portland, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Seattle, Charlotte, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Boston, Memphis.

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