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June 26, 2007 at 8:57 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

The Limo Driver feels good about not having a PG. David Glenn looks at ACC draft prospects. Recruiting news not so great.

One of these things is not like the other (good at basketball). Cheese Doodles.

Railhawks play tonight!

Copa America starts today! The Nats will be participating in that AND the U20 World Cup in Canada. Here is a TV schedule with definate games in bold.

GOLTV COPA 6/28/2007 Thu Argentina vs. United States Maracaibo C 8:50PM

ESPNU UND20WC 6/30/2007 Sat Korea Rep. vs. United States D Montreal 4:45 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/2/2007 Mon United States vs. Paraguay Barinas C 6:35PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/3/2007 Tue United States vs. Poland D 5:00 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/5/2007 Thu Colombia vs. United States Barquisimeto C 6:35PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/6/2007 Fri Brazil vs. United States D 7:45 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/7/2007 Sat 1st Group A vs. 2nd Best Third San Cristóbal S1 6:05PM

GOLTV COPA 7/7/2007 Sat Best Third vs. 2nd Group B Barinas S2 8:50PM

GOLTV COPA 7/8/2007 Sun 1st Group B vs. 2nd Group C Maturín S3 4:05PM

GOLTV COPA 7/8/2007 Sun 1st Group C vs. 2nd Group A Barquisimeto S4 6:50PM

GOLTV COPA 7/10/2007 Tue Winner S1 vs. Winner S2 Caracas F1 8:50PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/11/2007 Wed Winner D vs. 3rd B E F Toronto 7:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/11/2007 Wed Winner B vs. 3rd A C D Burnaby 8:15 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/11/2007 Wed Winner S3 vs. Winner S4 Puerto Ordaz F2 8:50PM

ESPNU UND20WC 7/12/2007 Thu Winner E vs. 2nd D Toronto 4:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/14/2007 Sat QF Winner 37 vs. Winner 38  2:15 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/14/2007 Sat Loser F1 vs. Loser F2 Caracas   5:05PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/14/2007 Sat QF Winner 39 vs. Winner 40 5:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/15/2007 Sun QF Winner 41 vs. Winner 42 2:15 PM

GOLTV COPA 7/15/2007 Sun Winner F1 vs. Winner F2 Maracaibo   5:05PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/15/2007 Sun QF Winner 43 vs. Winner 44 7:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/18/2007 Wed SEMIS 5:45 PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/19/2007 Thu SEMIS 7:45  PM

ESPNU UND20WC 07/22/2007 Sun FINAL 12:15 PM


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  1. Jackie,

    What’s up with the recruiting woes? Are the Heels going to bring anyone good in 2008? I hate not having at least a couple new faces to check out in 2007.

  2. It is a tad worrying…Roy only going after Love and Patterson in ’07 was understandable considering the depth we have. Missing on Roe, Holiday, Samuels, and Aminu for ’08 has surprised me. Hopefully we’ll get Davis, Zeller, and Williams just in case there is a mass exodus after we win the title next year.

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