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Just in case Mike has too much Greg in him

I agree with TOP. Winning a game like this often is followed with ‘toughed it out’ or ‘they showed a lot of heart’. That’s nice…but the young Nats will also need to, well…play good football to advance further. U-20 wrap-up.

Bobcats are a backup PG away from Leastern Conference playoff basketball.

Slate on Beckham branding. Grant Wahl on Ameribeckham.

What will happen in the second half?

Could the Canes get Cullen back?

Bwahahahahahaahahaha! David Thorpe thinks JJ will turn it around despite:

While I agree that he isn’t great at getting good shots off his own dribble drives and the triple-threat position, I believe that within a team concept he can be very effective using screens or attacking open spaces created by a good post scorer or another great shooter/slasher. In other words, being the second or third option can be a great role for him.

You mean like Dwight Howard?

Redick’s small stature for his position causes him problems defending big shooting guards, while his relative lack of quickness puts him at an even greater disadvantage against ultra-quick guys.

So the problem is he is short and slow eh? There have been other short and slow NBA players. (see below)











Exactly what the NHL needs. You can’t make it up. Moaninho moaninhoing. Maybe the marine mammals made the right call. McCarver wisdom.

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