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July 25, 2007 at 8:56 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

John Swofford says a betting scandel is unlikely in the ACC. He says:

“There wasn’t anything that we saw that concerned us that stimulated our belief that we should take this route, but this whole issue of gambling is so prevalent throughout our society.

True dats, and so….how could he, David Stern, or anyone else, really protect the integrity of the game?

Legalize gambling, and I don’t mean the state run regressive taxes kind of gambling either. If there was some sort of department in charge of lines and such, it would be much easier to spot the funny business that is probably much more common than we realize. The bets on Donaghy’s games probably were placed illegally…and you can’t expect any league to monitor everything. Basketball is especially vulnerable because the calls are open to interpretation. Reasonable people disagreed about Henderson’s foul/punch of Tyler and if Swofford really wants to make sure ACC basketball is free of shaving or rigging, he’d lobby for the legalization of gambling in DC. I know Dean would be strongly opposed to this and I don’t/wouldn’t put real money on my teams (it hurts bad enough),  however the cat is out of the bag.

Could we pick 4 worse Southern cities? Tar Heel Fan blogs on the local media’s record of projections.

Where have we sent this before? Russell Martin’s slump explained? The midget is confused. Does anybody still watch Sports Center? Bad ideas. Hip supporters?

Vin was right, RIP Mike Coolbaugh.


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