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July 26, 2007 at 8:47 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

ACC football on the rise? We need to get to Kenan. Tough start for Wayne.

Since Arsene took over, I can’t really recall a more anxious period for Arsenal. Does the result of a pre-season friendly mean anything?  I’d say it does mean something and while surely playing well is more important, not even Arsene can feel completely comfortable with so many questions just 16 days away from kickoff. (I’m considering doing brief premiership preview for all 20 squads starting next week)

What about a Railhawks program? Carolina falls to Cruz Azul.

Bad news for USMNT. Bud Selig is acting like a child. Need help naming your fantasy team? Proud to wear the colors. Simpsox? Peter King should stick to what he doesn’t know (football). A Steeler sent to jail. Curt should put a sock in it. Stall should have gone to Teasers. This weeks Joe chat!



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  1. Almost time for the Premiership pre-season picks 1 through 20. Are you in?

  2. naturally

  3. Anyone hear anything about Skip? Rumors are that he died this afternoon.

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