Premiership Preview: Sunderland

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Can Roy lead Sunderland to a Reading style climb?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact: In 2006 Sunderland was listed on eBay, bidding went to £10 Million (GBP) before the listing was removed by eBay, only after the listing was reported in the national press.

Jackie’s club knowledge: Sunderland were a pretty good side when I first began watching English football. The Mackems had just come up and played attacking football that was similar to Reading last year and they finished 7th. The next season they made a brief title challenge before finishing 7th again. Since then its been dire yo-yo stuff. Kevin Phillips would bang em in regularly and Claudio Reyna was actually really good in the few games he played for the club. I never cared too much about them until Arsenal played them in a game late in the season when Sunderland were already relgated and on their way to finishing with the lowest point total in premiership history. Some no talent hack took out Diaby and my hatred of Sunderland began. Throw in Roy K*nt and my wife’s slight interest in Newcastle and you can understand why I hope they’ll go straight back down.

Worst Kit:

sunderland_1983-1985-df.gif COWIES = BREASTS?

Fantasy: Not sure who will be playing up front for Sunderland, so avoid the strikers for the first week or two at least. Anthony Stokes may get the nod eventually and if so could be worth the odd play. Michael Chopra led the Coke league in goals for Cardiff, but he’s a classic Coke level player. The two players whom I’ll be considering semi-regularly are Carlos Edwards and Kieran Richardson (yes that one). The T&T international scored 5 and assisted 5 in just 15 games last year. He’s quick and may even take a free kick or two. Richardson cost under $3 and may play every week. He’ll be useful when trying to cram Ronaldo, Drogba, and Gerrard into the same team. The D was relatively poor last season and that’s not likely to improve….stay away.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 15th and 20th-I’m just not buying it. Roy is not going to play for them and the roster looks short on talent. Yes, the Irishman got fantastic results last season taking Sunderland from the bottom of the Championship to the top, but without a bit more help I can’t see them staying out of the relegation fight. I’d guess they’ll stay up, but not by much. (and hopefully not at all)


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