Premiership Preview: Wigan Athletic

July 31, 2007 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Football, Jackie Manuel | 1 Comment


Can Wigan stay up for both of their fans?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact: Generally, Wigan rugby supporters are associated with the eastern areas of town; Wigan Athletic fans are associated with the western areas, which surrounded their old Springfield Park home (although this is not exclusive). It is also argued that Rugby League is more favoured as a sport by followers of the Catholic faith ; although the rivalry does not have any sectarian elements. (St Patrick’s RL club were often seen as a feeder to the professional team in the area. They are based in the Scholes district which was always looked on as the Irish quarter)

Jackie’s club knowledge: Next to nothing. I didn’t even know Wigan had association football until they were promoted two season ago. Paul Jewell and the Latics surprised many and when they took a 1-0 lead in the last game at Highbury with Champions League football on the line, I was not too fond of them. Emile Heskey is the perfect player for them.

Worst Kit:


Fantasy: Not even in a 18 team NW keeper league

OK…that’s not completely fair. Jason Koumas is a really good player and will be worth it when the matchup is right. I’d not ever select a Wigan striker and even though Leighton Baines takes free kicks, the signings of Titus Bramble and Mario Melchiot almost ensure no clean sheet bonus.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 18th and 20th-Perhaps Paul Jewellio was really that good, but Wigan should give Derby a run for the bottom. After barely escaping last season, the Latics have brought in Cotterill, Sibereski, Koumas, Bramble, Melchiot, Nash, and Michael Brown. This doesn’t reassure me and other than Koumas, who I rate, the others are Coke League quality, which should be helpful next season.


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  1. What the hell are you talking about?
    They were a great fun attacking football team last season!…Jimmy Bullard and Pascal Chimbonda!

    Wait no. That was 2005. They now suck.

    PS Wigan should have won that game in 2006…

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