Premiership Preview: Manchester City

August 2, 2007 at 9:44 am | Posted in Football, Jackie Manuel | 4 Comments


If Sven is the answer, what is the question?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact: n the late 1980s, City fans started a craze of bringing inflatable objects to matches, primarily oversized bananas. The craze had its origins in a match against West Bromwich Albion when chants from fans calling for the introduction of Imre Varadi as a substitute mutated into “Imre Banana”. Terraces packed with inflatable-wielding supporters became a common sight in the 1988-89 season as the craze spread to other clubs, with the phenomenon reaching a peak at City’s match at Stoke City on 26 December 1988, a match declared by fanzines as a fancy dress party.[21] In the 2006/2007 season, City’s FA Cup run to the sixth round of the competition saw the re-emergence of the inflatables craze, with hundreds of yellow and blue bananas being brought to cup matches.

Jackie’s Club Knowledge: Citeh were not a premiership or first division (championship) side when I started watching English football. Since then they’ve come up, come up, gone down, come up, signed Nic Anelka, and have been a mid table side since. They have fantastic support and sweet Carolina blue kits. I could support Citeh if a: there was no Arsenal and b: they were not complete shite.

Worst Kit:manchester_city_1973-1974-dm.gif


Fantasy: Last year Citeh were a fantasy nightmare. Joey Barton took their kicks and occasionally scored, but he also picked up 11 yellows and 1 red before getting suspended for being a c*nt. Trablesi was ok when he played mid, but that lasted about three weeks. This year the team should be completely different. It’ll have to be wait and see, but keep a close eye on Rolando Bianchi. The Italian scored 18 goals in Serie A last season, 8 more than the Blues scored at home last season. He’s a potential Italian international so you’ll want to get in early on his +10 possibilities. Emile Mpenza is pretty good too, so if he ends up partnering Bianchi he’ll be worth a look. The midfield looks weak, but Sven may be bringing in two or three more, Petrov seems the best pick. Isaksosn is a good keeper and should be worth a chance at home against the bottom half.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 7th and 13th-I’m going out on a limb here and figuring Sven will continue making good signings to shore up the midfield. If that doesn’t happen Bianchi and Mpenza might not have any service in which case Manchester City will be right back in the relegation fight.


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  1. This is the largest club in Manchester.
    Aside from United. And maybe Wigan.

  2. If not the largest club than at least the most popular club in Manchester.

  3. I find that hard to believe.
    Remember this is the same team that pumped fan crowd noise into their stadium…cmon now.

  4. I think its 50-50 overall now with a much higher percentage of Mancunian support than United have (obviously). United is for poseurs, Citeh is for Mancunians….or at least that’s what Blue Mooners will tell you.

    I’ve never been to Manchester.

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