Premiership Preview: Newcastle United

August 2, 2007 at 1:29 pm | Posted in Football, Jackie Manuel | 4 Comments


Can Big Sam bring Silverware to Tyneside?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact: The name Toon originates from the geordie word for town.[15] It is not known for sure where exactly the term Geordie comes from. It may originate from the Geordie lamps, which were miner’s lamps developed by George Stephenson in 1815. However it has also been claimed that in 1745, George II recruited many troops from around the Newcastle area. They were known as “George’s men”, which became “Geordies men” in the local dialect, hence Geordies.[16]

Jackie’s Club Knowledge: Newcastle is delicious and this team was sponsored and named after the beer! These thoughts were in my head around 1998 as I became deeply interested in English football. Fortunately, (for me and Newcastle) I couldn’t stand Alan Shearer and his head kicking. Then I found out the beer and club actually took their name from the city (always will be a dumb yank). Anyways I had no problem with them and their amusing fans until the Walrus looking c*nt took over. Now O prefer them only slightly over Sp*rs, United, and Chelski. Finally, Ed Geth is a Magpie supporter and my wife pretends to like them as well.

Worst Kit:


Newcastle deserve some credit for sticking with the barcode look since 1894.

Fantasy: The Toon are turning into a fantasy wasteland. It should be nearly impossible to pick which of their 42 strikers will play. Dyer is gone. I am frightened by what Joey Barton might do under the guidence of the Walrus and Newcastle still don’t look like getting a clean sheet. Needless to say caution is advised. If the matchup is right and the club don’t become Boltcastle then Emre, Martins, and Owen might be worth an investment.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 5th and 11th-It pains me to say this…but Sam Allardyce is a good manager. He’ll turn the ship around eventually and I do look forward to seeing he and Keane go head to head in the derbies. Newcastle have enough talent and enough ability to kick other team’s talent up in the air to be in the top half next May. Europe might be out of reach, but if the Walrus can lead Bolton to Europe, who knows what he could do with the United.



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  1. That walrus’s head is too small.

    That’s more like Jol than Sam.

  2. They just don’t make walrus heads as big as they used to.

  3. you know that this is just bulletin board stuff, right? I want to see that pic when the pies sweep the gunners.

  4. Hopefully that picture will still be around in 2123 then.

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