Premiership Preview: Tottenham

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Anyone have a doughnut?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact:

The club has a large Jewish following and in the past this led to much provocation against Tottenham supporters of an anti-semitic nature. Away supporters would regularly chant “We’ve got to get rid of the Yids” or sing “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz”.

Tottenham supporters, Jewish and gentile, united against this and adopted for themselves the name Yids, developing chants such as “Yiddos!”,”Yid Army!” and “Who Let The Yids Out, Who, Who, Who”. This helped make sure that in the 1970s and 1980s, White Hart Lane was the only major football stadium in London where neo-nazis could not campaign openly. And adopting “Yid” as a badge of pride has helped defuse its power as an insult.

Some Tottenham supporters use the term with a political consciousness of the club as a bastion against racism and anti-semitism. For the overwhelming majority of Tottenham supporters, the term “Yid” or “Yiddo” is used with pride and as an occasionally ironical term of endearment. It is also used by Tottenham supporters in bonding and to distinguish themselves from other football supporters.

But the practice remains controversial and some argue that it is itself anti-semitic, or that the word “Yid” is offensive in any context, or that its adoption by Tottenham Hotspur supporters simply prolongs use of the term by others and justifies anti-semitic chanting.

A meeting took place on 19 March 2007, and was attended by representatives of the “Kick It Out” campaign, the club, its supporters’ trust, the Community Security Trust, a Jewish community organisation, the Football Association, and the Premier League to discuss the use of the word “Yid” inside White Hart Lane stadium.

Jackie’s Club Knowledge: Sp*rs are Arsenal’s bitch. Always have been and always will be. In fact, back in 1999 when I was just beginning to realize Arsenal were the class club that they are, I saw Sp*rs beat Arsenal. I decided that should never happen again and that then my support for Arsenal should be much more intense. We (Arsenal) are unbeaten  against Sp*rs since. Even so, my pal Eric bets me each season that Arsenal won’t beat the scum (most points in league fixtures), a good bet if you can get it.

Worst Kit:


Fantasy: Jermaine Defoe had 18 goals, Robbie Keane had 22 and Dimitar Berbatov had 23 in all competitions. Now they have Darren Bent in the mix too. If you know who will start and Sp*rs are at WHL you should consider them, but at this point it seems a bit of a guessing game. Chimbonda and Baines should be excellent fantasy defenders if not so in real life. Paul Robinson plays every game.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 4th 5th and 9th-Is this the year Sp*rs pass Arsenal? I’m going to <flip off the jinx and> say…no. Are Sp*rs good….yes…. clearly they have quite a bit of fire power and their second consecutive fifth place finish is no fluke. Still, Sp*rs were 25 goals behind from their NL neighbors in goal difference and were outscoerd by 9 away from White Hart Three Points Lane. Most worrying for Tottenham is the 54 league goals conceded, only one less than relegated Sheffield United. Perhaps Garreth Bale and Younes Kaboul will improve things, but like most Sp*rs defensive signings those two are unproven and might be better in attack. There will always be UEFA Cup Europe Jr. though.


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