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August 10, 2007 at 8:35 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

ACC Now’s UNC season preview. Practice notes. Deon’s a beast!

F365 predictions. Arseblog’s season preview. USL = MLS? This will fix things? Clevland finally passes. What might have been.


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  1. USL>MLS?

    I’m guessing the USL teams have a lot less to pay payers with, so kudos to them.

    You know if they could merge the NFL and AFL and the NBA and the ABA, they could they put the USL and MLS together someday.

    12 teams in USL, 10 teams in USL, 13 teams in USL with more on the way.

    How about two proper leagues, none of this division/playoffs bull shit, relegation and promotion? It’d be hard sell, especially talking cities into building stadiums for what may turn out to be considered a minor league team. Maybe someday.

    In the short term, I think the MLS is missing the boat on the whole U.S. Open Cup. I know its embarassing when your team loses (or gets destroyed 5-0) by the lower division teams, but there’s this sporting event in March of every year that people seem to like which features underdogs knocking out favorites regularly. Just saying.

  2. Agreed about the US Open…it needs a tv deal with FSC though and much more promotion. If they had a huge cash prize or even better a place in copa libradatores it would perk up interest.

    I’d love the promotion relegation…but its at least 10 years away…too much instability already.

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