Premiership Preview: Manchester United

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Hey Ginger…where are the pictures?

Interesting Wikipedia Fact:

On 13 May 2005, American businessman Malcolm Glazer acquired a controlling interest in the club through his investment vehicle Red Football Ltd. in a takeover valuing the club at approximately £800 million (approx. $1.5 billion). On 16 May, he increased his share to the 75% necessary to de-list the club from the Stock Exchange, making it private again, and announced his intention to do so within 20 days. On 8 June he appointed his sons to the Manchester United board as non-executive directors.

In July 2006, the club announced a refinancing package. Previously the debt taken on by the Glazers to financing the club was split between the club and the family, but now it will all be in the club. The total amount will be £660 million, on which interest payments will be £62 million a year. This is a 30% reduction in interest charges.

Jackie’s Club History: Manchester f*cking United….the Yankees of the premiership. Ugh. First I hated David Beckham and Jaap Stam. Then Roy Keane. The commie brothers, Ryan Giggs, Barthez….ugh. They’ve been the main threat to Arsenal for my most of my time as a supporter and just the sight of United makes me unhappy. They do play good football though.

Worst Kit :


Fantasy: Cristiano Ronaldo is the new Henry. You’ve got to have him, despite his high price. Shrek and VDS will be valuable when the match-up is right. Tevez seems the best value, if you can judge when the right time to invest is. Saha’s amazing start last year has been forgotten, but he’s affordable too. The D seems a bit shaky, but Evra and Vidic are decent buys.

Best and Worst Possible Finish: 1st and 4th-I thought there was a chance United could really slip last year. RVN was gone and we wondered who would score the goals?  Instead Scholes and Giggs played lke it was 1999, C-Ron turned into the best player in the league, and Louis Saha was the best striker for the frst two months. The D was solid enough for a team that just played extremely attractive all-attack football. Now they have Tevez, some talented youngsters  and a center mid who can actually tackle. Could there be some chemistry problem? Sure, but that much talent will most likely figure itself out. United should be right with Chelsea all season.

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