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August 27, 2007 at 9:04 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 9 Comments

ESPN’s ACC Shoot Around. THF is back and has thoughts on the schedule. The N&O doesn’t need to see any games. Men’s soccer off to good start.

Good performance, no result for Sp*rs. Good result, poor performance for the Arsenal. Highlights of all the games. US Open preview. Jackie’s preview : Roger Federer will win. Kid Nats win…and somehow advance. Why couldn’t they have just stuck with tw@t and c*nt like me. Sexism > Racism, no? Ummm….anyways….<uncomfortable> Railhawks win and control their playoff destiny.  Awful.


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  1. No mention of the FAT MAN who won the game for the Dodgers huh?

  2. I sent him a congratulatory doughnut. I’m not denying that David Wells will pitch better than Brett Tomko….but so would any number of Dodger minor leaguers…..and I wouldn’t have to support a loud-mouthed pr*ck like fathead.

  3. He’s really not that bad. Never had any issues on the Sox and he thinks Selig is an idiot which I agree with.

  4. Whatever…the former Yank and Padre fathead threw rocks at homeless people, bragged about it in his book, and then said he was misquoted.

    Besides being misquoted in his own book about throwing rocks at homeless people though he’s a great guy.

  5. Wells has the stupidity to actually say he does some stupid things. The rest of the jockdom just does not talk about it — I hardly think he’s the biggest idiot around.

    I did not say he was a “great guy”
    I said “he’s not that bad”

  6. He’s not that bad unless your the last doughnut, homeless or a book publisher. F*ck Fathead Wells.

  7. Thanks for sticking up me Dave.

  8. That should read, “Thanks for sticking up for me, Dave.”

  9. A drunk homelesss doughnut….are you one of the sports putz’s ‘these are my readers’ or an actual transfat dunkin donut?

    Either way I’d take you in the rotation over fathead.

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