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The Duke’s playbook?

OK before I start this….I know very little about college football. I just can’t get (that) into it anymore. 1996 killed it for me and while certain games have been very exciting, North Carolina football is extremely frustrating to support. I won’t turn this into a playoff rant, but the frustration has little to do with lack of success (see Dolphins, Miami) and everything to do with the ‘sport’. It’s no better than figure skating only with higher P value. It’s laughable that a: actual participants (coaches) in the competition vote to help determine a winner, and b: they use statistics based on 119 teams playing 12 games with extremely small variance in schedule to help determine a winner. The old system was no more accurate, but then…it didn’t claim to be. I’ll watch every Carolina gridiron game I can this season, but if they somehow make a bowl…I’ll be doing something else. Bowls are for cereal, marijuana, and turds. 16 team playoff please.

Anyways, I’m going to blog about each football game on Thursdays (early this week due to beach trip). Just don’t expect actual insight, humor, or correct grammar. (JMP’s motto)

James Madison University

This game has so many unknowns. Will Carolina actually put a hurting on somebody? Due to a terrible defense and tough scheduling, UNC hasn’t really pasted anyone since 2004 (Dook). JMU is ranked #9 and only lost three games last season, but they are a Championship (I-AA) team and have a new QB. A sold out Kenan would absolutely love to see a dominant performance….and truthfully an ACC program should be capable of giving them that against a lower division side. Still, there are plenty of questions about the Heels that lead me to believe the game will be closer than it should.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Exploit their secondary. Their best defensive backs are suspended or injured. Nicks, Tate. and Foster should be open.

3. Make evident the difference between I-A and I-AA. We won’t find out much about the future from Saturday, but anything other than a decisive win will be an indictment of Bunting’s recruiting. Yates should have time and Landers shouldn’t. Freshman or not…we should out athlete the Dukes.

Info: ESPN 360, 6pm at Kenan. Can’t find the spread.

Prediction: North Carolina 48-17 James Madison


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