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Sore Wang. More on the minor recruiting infraction. Things could be worse.

J.J.’s brother. Maybe they should hang around WHL.



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Is this legal in Virginia?

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

I’m guessing this Carolina team won’t be the first since 1906 to win in Blacksburg. The Hokies may not be the dominant side they’ve been over the past for years, but there is still plenty of talent. Virginia Tech beat ECU at home by 10, and then was destroyed by LSU in Baton Rouge. Since then, they’ve taken out their frustrations on Ohio and both William & Mary. Tech is taking a lot of heat for their lack of a running game and they’ll surely look to get up early and then work on that. Our expectations have fallen dramatically after last week and I imagine that will help the Heels focus on their tough task. If we play well we could put a scare into the Hokie Pride World Wide.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Protect the QB. T.J is going to be seeing quite a few blitzes on Saturday. Last season we threw 4 interceptions against the Hokies and turnovers would end this one pretty quickly. Still we’ll likely struggle running the ball and this team will win or lose games on the young arm of T.J. Yates. Our line has to give him some time or it will be a very long afternoon.

3. Hang in it early. We were down 14-0 before I could blink last weekend in Tampa. IF we fall behind by more than a TD against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg we’ll be coming home 1-4

Info: 12:00 WRAL, VT is favored by 18

Prediction: VT 21-10 UNC

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Also the scores. Midweek notebook. Hmmm. Miller time!

League Cup roundup. Hurricanes season preview. Powerless play. ACC gridiron sucks. Glad we let FSU in. If only Jon were the GM. Chat with Joe. Scramble for the Ball.

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Blitz early? F*ck Frank. Prepare or Perform? I had my money on IC running this headline first. Bodhi Heels?

Grant Wahl’s mailbag. Second best team in London…..Arsenal Reserves! League Cup roundup. This is f*cking dumb. Might as well put one on this. At least we know ($20) Ohio St. is not paying their players. Gridiron fans hard to seduce? In case you were not depressed enough about ACC football. Trust the numbers.

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Things to get better..uh…some day? Butch has perspective. Another young bright spot. Tough times ahead?

Tzofit Grant? Real DK? Oh my Jesus f*cking sh*td*ck. Ric, yours is on the way.

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Heels are run over. Butch still believes in TJ. UNC vain? I wonder if Tyler would hang with GH? Carolina more mature? Ouch.

United 2-0 Chelski (Tevez, Saha, both assisted by ref). Canes Country has preseason thoughts. Mike Patrick daydreaming? Sp*rs best player? MMQB a fantasy savant? FO’s audibles. Premiership highlights. CSTB Kent v kids update. Blinded by the light.

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Passing game meets it’s match? Bunting speaks more. They are unabashed, nugget eating, snook fishers.

Let the guy with the concussion decide. Yost chokes? A convincing case that Belicheat’s punishment was too harsh. Holy Christ, this has to stop. A seal walks into a club (madrid). Chat with Joe. A-rod choking? Cowboys tanking? Dook desktop publishing? Premiership previews. Tough job. Ow.

You have to be kidding me. Look Lt. Dangle…’ve had a fine year. Especially considering you are 65 and a redass b*tch. However, let us not get confused about why the Dodgers are going to finish fourth.

Russell Martin 594 .297 .377 .475 21 8 47.0
Jeff Kent 551 .298 .372 .498 1 3 37.8
James Loney 335 .324 .376 .520 0 1 24.8
Matt Kemp 279 .338 .373 .527 10 5 21.8
Luis Gonzalez 516 .277 .359 .435 6 2 15.8
Andre Ethier 480 .289 .354 .459 0 4 15.8
Juan Pierre 687 .293 .330 .355 60 13 14.6
Rafael Furcal 643 .270 .333 .355 25 6 11.7

So, as you can see, the kids really killed us. Sure, the only young player who actually got a reasonable amount of at bats lead us in VORP by 10, and yes; Kemp, Loney, and Either all out performed the vets (other than Lt. Dangle) despite 40% less at bats. Maybe it is also true also that they are better defensively (exception of Raffy)but what about leadership, poise, and viagra perscriptions? Who leads the Dodgers in that? Oh right…

Nomar Garciaparra 462 .281 .327 .370 3 1 0.7

A VORP lower than Jason Schmidt… the pitcher with 8 at bats was more valuable as a hitter than Nohit. If only he had more games though. Just look at what Juan, Luis, and Raffy did with all of their extra at bats. This team was never going to be a great one, but if the kids had played more, not less, than the Dodgers might at least have some postseason baseball to play.

Ind -5 HOU

Sd -4 GB

KC -2 Min

Det +6.5 PHI

Buf +15.5 NE

NYJ -3 Miami

PIT -9 Sf

Ari +7.5 BAL

TB -3.5 Stl

DEN -3 Jax

Cin +3.5 SEA

OAK -3 Cle

ATL +4 Car

WAS -4 Nyg

CHI -3 Dal

Ten +4.5 NO

Last Week: 5-9-2 Overall: 13-14-4


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University of South Florida

North Carolina gets a taste of ‘real’ gridiron as the Heels travel to central Florida to take on South Florida. The Bulls are ranked, and since the rankings are used to determine the national champion in this sport, they must be right. USF got into the rankings for the first time in school history by having a great bye week. The Bulls own bye. The Big East team can be explosive awesome and have beaten Louisville, West Virginia, and Auburn in the last two years. They also ended our season last year. It appears one of their players is having a hard time not looking past us, so hopefully Foster, Tate and Nicks will take advantage. We are the first BCS team suckers to travel to Raymond James Stadium and so I’m pretty sure the crowd will help make sure the Bulls are focused on their nationally televised opponents. (I’m guessing though, shockingly I have never watched USF play a home game) Still, they are probably not unbeatable and hopefully this second leg of a home and home with USFaCF will be the last.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Look to the Elon-USF game for hope. The last two losses have been heartbreaking, but also encouraging. We’re not terrible and our passing game looks like one of the best in the conference. Elon trailed by only a TD at the half and was able to move the ball a bit through the air. The Bulls supposedly have a strong D and CB Trae Williams is highly rated, but perhaps TJ will be able to get us out out to an early lead, which might take the crowd out of the game a bit.

3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Many have pointed to the turnover problems, but when you play so many underclassmen it is unavoidable. The Heels must be aggressive in Tampa to have any chance. This is the most talented team we’ve played yet and so a conservative game plan probably won’t give us a real chance at the upset.

Info: 12:00 pm ESPN – USF is favored by 13.5

Prediction: USF 37-28 UNC

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Midweek notes. USF better than FSU? Fair enough. Heels sign Marshall. I am already so pumped about 2010. Jackie Manuel did it. Possible recruiting problems? Neither William, Mary, or UNC scored.

Don’t f*ck with the Russian. I still can’t believe it…where does Jose go now, and surely Chelski won’t go forward with Grant and Steve Clarke? I hope Arsenal get over the loss…what was his name again?(Yes, I know it is only September) Cash Cup roundup and standings. Europe Jr. preview. Everything will be ok…right…hello. No. Arms tired? Awww.

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At least Jesus Christ would approve. Greg Barnes is crushing. David Glenn answers the question nobody is asking..and then doesn’t. Missing Mack Brown? Good thing we are playing USF. We’re #1! Preschooler to announce for Carolina? Heels soccer at home this week.

I hope not. TMQ with an extremely convincing argument. Week 2 DVOA. Finally over. Are Mod and Ric scared? Cash Cup previews and recaps.

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