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Ecstasy shrinks it.

East Carolina University

Our first road game of the season will be at Dowdy-Ficklen (shabby and lacking consistency) Stadium. A pretty terrible place for a freshman QB to get his first experience away from Kenan. The pirates supporting pirates will be f*cked up nice by 6:00 pm and it hardly gets bigger for them than UNC coming to visit. I can’t understand why we play ECU. It’s not just a no win situation, but rather a guaranteed loss for the Tar Heels. Sure we might win the game on Saturday, though we are 5.5 pt dogs….but what do we win? ‘Braggin’ rights with Greenville? It’s enough of a hardship for the big four ACC schools to compete with each other for a small group of players that might not be good/large enough to support one college football power. Playing ECU makes them a legitimate program with which we must compete for recruits…a fifth one. Don’t even get me started on UNCC (Charlotte) going 1-A or the possibility of playing ASU. I say let them whine forever about how we are afraid of them as they drift into obscurity. (this is exactly what Dean did with basketball in the 70/80s) At any rate, we’re playing them Saturday so we might as well win the battle.

Keys to the Game:

1. Don’t ever schedule ECU again.

2. Score more points.

3. Survive the first quarter. ECU is probably not more talented than us and I like our chances at forcing Pinkney turnovers. The Pirates completely shut down Virginia Tech’s running game last week and considering that JMU was able to do that to us there could be a ton of pressure on Yates and the passing game. Perhaps he’s up to it, but the first few possessions could be a matter of surviving and not making the big mistakes. If we’re not down big after 15 minutes we might just get out of Greenville with a W.

Info: 6:00 pm CSTV, ECU-5.5 UNC

Prediction: East Carolina 27-23 North Carolina



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  1. I believe UNC was compelled by the NC Legislature to play ECU. As was NC State. Maybe with Hackney as House Speaker, this won’t happen again anytime soon.

  2. You mean college gridiron schedules are legislated? Holy f*ck that’s f*cked.

    Should I write my representatives about the BCS then?

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