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Can Al Groh keep his job?

University of Virginia

Conference play begins for the Heels on Saturday and we couldn’t ask for an easier game (considering we always play Dook last). The Cavaliers are not very good and Al Groh is much more popular with Hokie fans than he is with Wahoo supporters. Of course, North Carolina is in no position to overlook any team and Virginia will surely feel that they can come down and get a win. Virginia is 1-1 with an unimpressive win over Dook and an embarrassing loss to Wyoming. They do have the ability to put pressure on a QB and the Cavaliers secondary will be much better than what we’ve faced so far. North Carolina’s next four games are brutal and any of this premature bowl talk disappears with a loss on Saturday.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points
2. Be ready for screens, options, and misdirection. I’ll be very interested to see how Butch adjusts after looking at ECU tape. It’s doubtful that our linebackers can eliminate most mistakes in one week, but I would very pleased if we saw some improvement. We’ll have to stay in our lanes and show much better discipline if we want to win the South’s oldest rivalry.

3. Establish the run. Seeing Yates run Shoop’s pro offense has been spectacular, and I love the poise he has shown. Against UVA it might be helpful to prove we can move the ball on the ground too. Johnny White and Richie Rich must play up to their great names.

Info: 12:00 pm Raycom/JP (WRAL-CBS in Triangle)UNC -3 UVA

Prediction: North Carolina 26-17 Virginia


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  1. Will there be a sped-up viewing of this post Spurs vs. Gooners? Or should I just listen to this on the radio on the way to your house?

  2. Yeah I’m tivoing…and those who can take that much sport and are not devastated by the sp*rs loss can stick around for tivod UNC-UVA.

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