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September 14, 2007 at 8:50 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 4 Comments

Rev. Shoop? Big game for Al. Special teams a key? Danny Carmichael? A bit early for this bs isn’t it?

Belicheat gets off easy? Relegate them! Sports Putz rationalizes with another Patriots fan? I say we have one of these articles every week. Fathead helps increase our playoff odds to 18%, eats 13 donuts. CC defines nominal. Chat with Joe. Premiership previews. North London derby preview. Sp*rs plan to play 10 strikers and Robo. It wasn’t me. USL playoff primer. Just wait until KG and Allen go down.

Nyj +10 BAL

Hou +6.5 CAR

CHI -12 Kc

Cin -6.5 CLE

Dal -3.5 MIA

Oak +10 DEN

DET -3  Min

Ind -7 TEN

JAX -10 Atl

Sd +3.5 CHEATS

No -3.5 TB

Gb pick NY

Buf +9.5 PIT

Sea -3 ARI

Sf +3 STL

PHI -6.5 Was

Last Week: 8-6-2 Overall:8-6-2


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  1. I love this quote from the Fergie story: “Sir Alex was said to be left stunned by the attack and suffered soreness and tenderness as a result of the punch.”

  2. You call him fathead now…when you win the wildcard, you’ll start calling him sweetheart.

  3. when we win the wildcard, he’ll have already died from a coke OD

  4. Coca-Cola I would guess.
    He’s a large man.

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