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September 20, 2007 at 8:58 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 8 Comments

Midweek notes. USF better than FSU? Fair enough. Heels sign Marshall. I am already so pumped about 2010. Jackie Manuel did it. Possible recruiting problems? Neither William, Mary, or UNC scored.

Don’t f*ck with the Russian. I still can’t believe it…where does Jose go now, and surely Chelski won’t go forward with Grant and Steve Clarke? I hope Arsenal get over the loss…what was his name again?(Yes, I know it is only September) Cash Cup roundup and standings. Europe Jr. preview. Everything will be ok…right…hello. No. Arms tired? Awww.



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  1. Spurs meet your new manager — the special one!

  2. Danny Ferry still has a job?

  3. Aww Daveed, how queekly you foget me?
    Did I not scoah for yew many many brillant gols?
    I am, how do you say it, sad.

    Whathisname Henry

  4. ‘est au pied du mur qu’on voit le maçon

  5. Heels had so many chances last night. Gotta finish on the PK.

  6. So ric..would you welcome the Special One to WHL?

  7. Ugh….

    So is Abramovich=Steinbrenner an appropriate analogy Mod? Or would Abramovich=Stalin be better?

  8. A young Steinbrenner perhaps, sure.
    You could do worse than The Special One as the SPURS gaffer.

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