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October 3, 2007 at 8:49 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 6 Comments

Cooter returns! Defense IS better. Heels have bigger balls. Take that Falwell. What do Dook and Belicheat have in common?

Red Sox-Angels preview. Cub-C*ntbacks preview. Canes return to the ice! Week 4 DVOA. How the Steelers lost. Cash cup previews , recaps, and standings. Especially RoboDouche bag. Porpoisphile.


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  1. Low blow Jackie. Low blow.
    Dook and NE. My only defense for any comparison like that is that Belichick does not appear on pretentious commercials.

  2. It is all I have…the Dolphins are so bad that my 2007 NFL season comes down to taking cheap shots at the Pats and praying Pittsburgh or Indy beats them in the playoffs.

  3. Falwell is dead by the way.

  4. Pats are cheaters — no way we can beat Indy fair and square.

  5. I suppose that makes Falwell unsnarkable then?

  6. I wouldn’t say that….

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