October 11, 2007 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Gridiron, Jackie Manuel | 5 Comments


Cock Rock?

University of South Carolina

I promise not to make any Smelly cock references from this point forward. South Carolina is reasonably good at gridiron, and so the state basically has that and crystal meth on us. I’ve never had anything but pity in my heart for the Gamecocks. Honestly, the university has a wellness center named after Strom Thurmond and their mascot is both a penis and a reference to illegal animal cruelty. If you’ve ever been to Columbia, you probably feel similarly. Then, the university hired one of the most repulsive f*cktards in the sporting world. Now they can take their unrealistic dreams and f*ck off. They’ll always be the real Carolina’s bitch and the laughing stock of our country. This game means a lot with that dildo involved.

Keys to the Game:

1. Score more points.

2. Leave it on the field. I don’t even know what that really means, but I heard Cam Cameron say it last week. We may not win the battle, but a respectable showing could help us win the war. They might be a better team and Spurrier might be a gridiron genius, but we’ve got god karma good intentions smurf power Cooter on our side and that counts for something. At any rate, there will most likely be quite a few Gamepricks in the stands and so our supporters need to leave it all in the stands…or something.

3. They ARE starting some freshmen too and perhaps we can get back to moving the ball well through the air. To do that we’ll need the best performance of the season from our offensive line. SC gets good pressure on the QB and if Yates doesn’t have time we’ll be in for a long afternoon.

Info: 3:30 ABC (WTVD), SC is favored by 7

Prediction: I’d love nothing more to see the ol ball c*nt leave Chapel Hill with a loss. Seems unlikely though. USC 29-13 UNC


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  1. Wow, you have a lot of hate in you. I love South Carolina. It’s my home. My country. My family has lived there for 300 years. I’m extremely proud of my land, my people, our State and have no use for your ignorant bias against us.

    God bless South Carolina!

  2. Before I respond….are you in a militia? I mean…we agree that SC should not be a part of the US, right? Please don’t kill me.

  3. Nothing like a confederate flag to get me hating another school.

  4. Dude’s just expressing some Palmetto Pride. Besides the Krystal at exit 95 of I-85 and 40% of Charleston, what does SC have to be proud of? The whole state is best described by what the water tower in Gaffney truly looks like: an ass.

  5. Wow, y’all are real caring people. All I did was stick up for my State – where my family has lived for 300 years. And for doing this y’all have repeatedly here attacked me and SC. Y’all sure are some real open-minded, good-hearted folks for condemning 4.5 million people, I want to tell you that. It’s really people like y’all who give South Carolinians a true feeling of the warm regard in which other Americans hold us is. Thank you for this.

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