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October 12, 2007 at 8:44 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

Basketball is back!!!!!! Roy’s media day. Hear Tyler roar. Several basketball updates at ACC NOW. Tar Heels already passed basic preseason. Frasor foot feeling fine. Basketball Prospectus ACC Preview Part 1. <<READ THIS. Shouldn’t it be ‘We is Carolina’. THF says whateva. I missed the women’s game, but the men’s game was anything but thrilling. Nice ending though.

Arsene a stat geek! NLCS preview. Red Sox MVP? Extremely impressive game last night. The last two games have been a complete 180 from last Saturday and this kind of form reminds me a bit of 2006. Cam Ward looks amazing and it is hard to believe Glen Wesley is even alive, never-mind shutting down the league’s best line. Euro 2008 previews. Will there be a K exception and will dag gummit count? Get out.



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  1. Speaking of Milano — she’s makes some salient points in the latest Sporting News about the Dodgers…

    Glasses houses indeed Jeff Kent…

  2. Alyssa for GM!!!

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