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October 16, 2007 at 8:53 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

Iman to announce on Thursday. Faster? Butch leaving? I would have voted for Ababio.

Adu’s chance? Canes #2? The yellow line explained. Poor Reds fans. Hmmmmm. Joey Porter sucks. Klinsmann a Sp*r again? Belicheat speaks.



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  1. “Let’s be honest. Fairly or not, Adu has been everyone’s favorite punching bag from the moment he arrived on the U.S. scene. He’s our very own case study in Schadenfreude, with fans, players, coaches, and journos alike practically high-fiving every time the loudmouth whippersnapper took a tackle from behind from some grizzled thug or whined to the media about playing time.”

    Wow. Um, that’s a lot of hate directed at someone barely old enough to vote. He may have not been the most mature player, possibly because, well, he’s a kid for christ sakes. I think we reserved most of our shit talking for Landy Cakes.

  2. Yeah, Adu hasn’t really been given a chance.

    Eurosnobs always hate on the next big Nat whom the American press writes will ‘save soccer’, when really they should just hate on the American press. MLS fans were just unimpressed. Adu hasn’t proven himself, but just becasue he didn’t do well playing in MLS against players 10 years older making 90% less money doesn’t mean he’s shite….unless it does.

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