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October 22, 2007 at 9:26 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 3 Comments

I start this morning with a bit of a change….I’m going to try and make the Lates Links a bit more conversational. This change might be over by tomorrow, it might showcase my poor spelling and grammar a bit more, and it might mean the links come a bit lateser.

Viv Bernstein writes that the Heels are already waiting for March. The expectations were high last season, sure, but you get the feeling they are even higher now. It comes with the territory, but I suggest taking it easy. We don’t know how much we’ll miss Brandan and Reyshawn, especially defensively, and it will be much harder to enjoy this team if we take our cues from the media and become obsessed with the end game right now. We’ll be there in March and we’ll worry about March in March. ACC recruiting update.

The Rocks are favored? Hmm….I’m not sure if PECOTA might be worried about defying God here but since it is smarter than I am, I’ll assume the 90 win team from the NL West is better than the 96 win team from the NL East. Maybe PECOTA remembers this. Going against the Lord was not even listed. There is only one CSTB.

Martin Jol does not understand how the table works? I’m not sure if that will please or irritate Sp*rs fans, but I think that its foolish on several levels. 1. Newcastle and Tottenh*m are in the same league….literally. 2. They really don’t need a hostile Geordie reception tonight. 3. Sp*rs are shite. Premiership highlights. Good weekend for the big four and Citeh are trying to make it the big five.

Fantasy philanthropy? Now, I do find this to be an interesting idea, but what about when the United Way’s first round pick, whom is an absolute stud with healthy births, goes down in week 3 and they decide to trade their second round pick for a draft pick? Who is helped then? I suppose I challenge the premise that philanthropy can be really done better in a for-profit format. Philanthropy isn’t really black and red, is it?

Scott Boras improving the game? I’ll try to get to this laters…but Ben McGrath is usually hard to argue with, so it should be a compelling read.

Hurricanes taking on cancer and Canucks tonight. Erik Cole was hurt playing soccer? Wonderful. This weekend was both encouraging and disappointing. We got two tough road points, but really we should have had more after outplaying the Penguins and Flyers. I was hoping he’d play against Columbus and rest tonight, but no dice.

FO’s scramble. Yesterday may have been a low point for the Miami Dolphin franchise. Even the news that Trent Green was done for the season could not cheer me up. Our next home game is in London, our only good player (and one many a marine mammal supporter owns in fantasy leagues) is having a MRI this afternoon, we are seven games out of first through week 7, Ted Ginn Jr. might be our best remaining offensive player , our starting QB’s first name is Cleo and his last name is Lemon, Tommy W. Brady threw 6 TD’s in about 45 minutes (two to former Dolphin Wes Welker), Jason Taylor is looking on the bright side by comparing our season to Iraq, and Cam Cameron probably won’t be fired this off-season. When and how can you resign your support for a team?


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  1. I was going to write a blog entry about Jol’s comments. The magpies have a game in hand and twice as many points as the spurs. Not in the same league? I don’t know if Spurs fans are irritated, but I know I am.

  2. Also, if you’re transferring support, the Steelers would love to have you.

  3. Hopefully, the Canes will make Luongo pay for waiting until tonight to play instead of playing in Columbus.

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