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October 23, 2007 at 9:14 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Morning, all. We start with gridiron and the Heels are ready for the run-in. There won’t be a game we can’t win, but there probably won’t be a game where we are favored by more than 7 either(maybe Dook). The second half of the USC game has hopes pretty high amongst the Carolina faithful, but let’s not talk bowl exhibition at 2-5. I’ll get to Wake laters this week, but there was some bad news for the improving D. If a sophomore can’t get high on his bye week, when can he?

Wayne Ellington is ready to step up his game. This is good news, but the article discusses the ill-advised shot selection in last year’s Elite Eight. Wayne says:

“That’s definitely going to stay with me a while,” he said. “I’ll just use it as motivation. I practiced it many, many times over again now, so . . . I’ll definitely be ready next time it comes my way.”

I don’t feel so good about all of this focus on the Georgetown game. It was not a massive upset or a choke job. If you had to point to one thing that hurt us, you’d point to Brandan’s fourth foul, not Wayne Ellington’s bad shot. I’d prefer the Heels move on from all of this, really. We lost to a very good team in the regional finals….end of story. Basketball Prospectus continues with excellent conference previews. I can’t recommend the site enough. K is not a good liar.

Did I say yesterday was the low point for the franchise? I meant today. Now my fantasy season is over too.

I didn’t see this and so, not much that I can say. Reads impressive though.

FFS. Hard to believe that an baseball organization in 2007 does not have any understanding of Value Over Replacement(VORP). I know this if difficult for you Ned, but this is not how you make lemonade. Biggest off-season in many years for the Dodgers and every day my stomach aches a bit more when thinking about how clueless the GM is.

Sanford’s Soccer Net has Cash Cup previews. Rangers-Barca is on ESPN2 this afternoon and I’ll be interested to see if Henry relishes his return to Britain. Arsenal can take command of their group with three points, but with a visit to Scouse-land this weekend, I’d not be surprised if Cesc and a few others are rested. The madness has started! I’m not sure I’ll be filling out 18 brackets but I do plan to tivo most some a few of the games.

Can Rick be funny again? I’m guessing he’s more Sports Putz II.


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