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October 25, 2007 at 9:23 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

No gridiron in the links this morning, but look for the Wake Forest preview laters today. Could Dook be in trouble? First, by trouble I don’t mean that Dook will be battling Miami for 10th place or anything. Clearly, they are still pretty good this season and have several talented players on the radar for 2009. Odds are that they’ll get a few blue chippers then and combined with this year’s incoming class…well…the Blue Devils will still be in the running for Final Fours. That said….one has to question whether Coach K’s love of Kobe his country have legitimately hurt Dook. What if they do miss out in 2009? Not much to be found regarding Carolina basketball, but Ken Pomeroy is tinkering with similarity scores and points out that most of the current ‘analysis’ is raced based. I’d love to see more of this, just so we could remember that just because Greg Paulus looks like Richie Sambora, that does not mean that he is as good.

I told you it should be a good one. Josh Beckett looks more like a nu metal fan, than an October ace, but he’s clearly the latter. Baseball Prospectus with a thoughtful series preview.

Here are the latest Cash Cup standings. Are Liverpoo in a crisis? I’d really have preferred that the Scousers win, but now Sunday’s match really is as big as it gets for them. Hopefully, Hyppia will continue his fine form. DC United travel to Toyota Park for leg one. TOP understands why DeMarcus went to Rangers.
That was fun! Carolina really only played well for one period, but that was more than enough to beat the Sabres. You could see the frustration on Lindy Ruff’s face and based on that performance, Buffalo is not going to be in the playoff mix.

Will the Timberwolves win 20 games?


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