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October 29, 2007 at 9:07 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

Ugh….I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck this morning…right in the sinuses….so this will probably be brief. I probably feel better than the Heels though. Butch was not happy with the mistakes, but I just kind of expect them. I also think the scoreline was pretty harsh on us as it seemed we were right there even after the terrible start. One thing that has become a big problem is pass protection. We have the weapons to exploit most ACC secondaries, but T.J was constantly under pressure. Bill Cole questions the effort but I don’t really agree. Wake didn’t run it down our throats and we actually had more yards from scrimmage. The bowl exhibition talk can stop now and I’m quite happy to see our team compete week in and week out as Butch builds the program. We lost by 27, but it wasn’t that bad. I am in the camp that thinks UNC should not be losing to Wake Forest in gridiron, but we have to remember that losses like that are why we had to move in a new direction. Give Butch some time.

Huge win for the soccer team yesterday! In a bit of brilliant scheduling the Heels host Campbell on Halloween night. Should be easy to get there for the 7:30 kick from Durham, right?

Hurricanes had an up and down weekend and were screwed by the refs on Friday night.

Suck it Boston…must have been a rough weekend for New England sports fans.

Week 12 highlights are not up yet but should be laters. Arsenal or Liverpool could have won yesterday. I think the result was fair, but also that the Gunners are the better side. Should be a decent game next Saturday and I’ll be watching with MOD, a good friend, frequent commenter, and Manure supporter. He is Setanta-less, he’s also on my recreation football team, and we have a match that takes place at the same time as the big match so he can’t stream. We’ll see if we are still good friends next Sunday.

I’m going to go crawl under my desk and die now.


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  1. One championship down….3 to go!

    On the plus side Jackie — the last time the sox and Pats won – UNC and you also won the national championship.

    PS I am going to watch in the spare bedroom.

  2. You better buck up…you’ve got to bowl tonight!

    I noticed that the Durham Herald Sun included the EPL table in their sports section. How long has that been going on?

    At least I can be sure the Spurs weren’t the worst football team in London this past weekend.

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