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October 30, 2007 at 9:02 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Which day of the 5-day common cold is worse? The first one : “Oh f*ck, I’m getting a cold” is pretty dreadful, but you don’t feel that bad. The worst might be the second…when you can’t swallow without tiny razors (seemingly) destroying your throat. Anyways, I’m in day 4 now. I sound like a drunk piano player and am coughing up radioactive waste. Feels pretty good. came here for sport….right..

Bill Cole writes that we are trying to move on. Perhaps UNC gridiron will just embrace depression and and never play another game. I think we’ll probably manage though. Richie Rich is not selfish and I think moves like this demonstrate where the program is right now. Making lemonade with peaches. Only the peaches are white, not yellow. Um. Adam Lucas is already thinking about the future. Stuff like this just shows exactly how silly college gridiron is. You get three to four non-conference games and really it’s like deciding whether or not to go for the quadruple bent axle and risk falling or just doing that spinorama that looks cool, but is actually easy and everyone knows it. Hopefully, the judges will be impressed. I only ask that we not make recruiting more difficult than it already is by playing ASU, ECU, and Charlotte if they get a gridiron team.

Can’t find much this morning about Carolina basketball. We play Shaw in the first exhibition on Saturday. I’ve got a wedding though. State cracks me up, those things are going to be worth something when the valet gets canned in three years.

Congratulations to the Red Sox. Boston really needed the underdog to come through and I’m sure everyone is happy for the city, getting a championship in such tough times. The Dodgers, meanwhile, are thinking pissing in the wind about signing Alex Rodriguez. He’s the guy who cost the Yankees the last three titles….oh…no wait…but Mike Lupica said…I…whoa….he’s actually the best player in baseball. So could the Dodgers sign the best player in baseball? No, they won’t, Detroit or LAAOCCAUSA probably will. Still, I can’t agree with Jon here because he doesn’t seem to acknowledge that the current front office WILL do something stupid. Signing A-Rod would keep Ned from being able to do anything else too stupid…like signing Tori Hunter for 100 million and moving Juan Pierre to LF, where he might would become the first LFer to go homerless in 100 years or something. I say give him 35 million a year for 4. This is a good move.

I’m going to go play video games now.

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