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October 31, 2007 at 9:02 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 11 Comments

First off, there appear to be no worries on the Iman Shumpert recruiting violations. I’m sure many will snark on Carolina clearing itself, but I have extreme confidence in the program’s integrity. After all…we initiated the investigation. Butch is planning on bringing in some JUCOS next season to speed up the rebuilding process. Seems reasonable to me. Not much on Maryland yet, but I’m sure there will be tomorrows.

Grady Little has resigned. Honestly, I feel sorry for Grady Little. I was against hiring him, but he did a reasonable job, giving several of our young players chances and handling the pitching staff pretty well. You could blame him for sticking with Gonzo, Nomar and Pierre but really those guys were all signed to new contracts last off-season. That is on Ned. Everyone in Dodgertown is pretty excited about Joe Torre. I’m not sure why because Joe likes to sacrifice/hit&run, he abuses his bullpen, and he sticks with vets too long. All things that Grady was criticized for last season. Will Joe bench Pierre and Nomar? I have my doubts. I’ll wait to see if he gets hired and then I’ll have to see him on a daily basis. At this point the only reason to be excited is that the odds on A-Rod coming might increase a bit.

Jonah Freedman interviews (via readers) Don Garber. His answers are pretty interesting and I’m not really sure what to think. Is there anything MLS can do to get Euro-snobs to watch? I mean really…we (self-admitted ES)  all want one table, no turf, relegation, honoring FIFA dates, etc…but if all that happened this summer would we start watching? There is no doubt that Americans will support teams in cold weather, but will they support soccer teams? I feel like MLS is still making pretty decent moves…building slowly and locally…. not catering to the snobs.  Most of us probably won’t be watching much MLS regardless of what Don Garber does, no?

Week 8 DVOA is out. I guarantee the Dolphins don’t lose this week. Until laters.


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  1. “Sweet Jesus no, not Torre” — Scott Proctor

  2. In one of the articles about the Fins vs Giants in London playing gridiron(one word?), it mentioned that one of the reasons that gridiron failed in England was because a superior version of the game(the NFL) could be found on more and more tv sets. MLS needs to consider this regarding the EPL.

    I watched a fair amount of MLS, before I ever saw a EPL match, so if I’m a Euro-snob, well, I had an open mind once. But after seeing the pace, the better camera angles, a league with history, stadiums packed with fans singing songs, I quickly came to view the EPL as far superior.

    I think playing games on 90 -100 degree days hurts the game.

    I think the Lamar Hunt trophy could become a big deal if the MLS would try to market it and get those games included in their television packages (obviously the USL would have to go along with this, but why wouldn’t they.) It’s has the possiblity of some serious cinderalla’s ala March Madness.

    I think the MLS has built a solid foundation for their league, but I think they’ll need to do more to take that “next step”, which I really don’t think is unrealistic. But I’d worry about improving the game in the ways you mention more than just adding big name Euros.

  3. Do you really want Arod on your team?

  4. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want the best player in the game on their team..unless maybe they were paying the bills.

    United fans were anti-shrek cause he was a scouser. Don’t hear too much of that now, do you?

  5. 2 reasons — 1 reasonable, 1 emotional
    1. Assuming the money pie is limited he’s going to take away from what could be spent on other good players — now and more importantly in the future when his contributing value could be less. And you’re going to be stuck with the contract.

    2. I realize I am coming at this as a Sox fan but I also remember when he was going to come to the Sox for Manny. I was all for the trade then for sure but now i would not want him. And not because he’s tainted more because he just does not seem that much fun to cheer for. He’s annoying in a JD Drew kind of way. Not annoying in a Jeter/Rooney sort of way.

  6. 1. Fair point…but the thing is….Ned could spend the money a lot worse. See offseason 2006-07 for more details. A-Rod makes us a very good team, especially because there is no more money to overpay slappys like Juan Pierre and ‘experienced starters’ like Brett Tomko.

    2. I don’t really like Alex, but that’s because of who he plays for more than who he is. He’s actually gained my sympathy due to all the lame and short-sighted choke articles. He carried that team.

    The Dodgers have one playoff win since 1988….I’d welcome him, crazy Manny, surley Albert, or whomever….we need a big bat.

  7. I agree with the choking stuff. it’s been harsh esp this year, but he’s kind of a twerp. To wit, the slap and charging Bronson Arroyo after getting hit, his yelling at infielders etc. Slappy is annoying. On the other hand he’s just what you need and might fit into LA’s laid back ways.

  8. I think that slap was the one of the shittiest displays of poor sportsmanship I’ve ever seen in my life. I had started to feel just a tinge of sympathy for Arod and then saw a replay of that recently. It’s not just that he slaps the ball out of Arroyo’s hand but then he tries to lie about it after it happened. I’m sure Dave would have wanted Ty Cobb on his team too.

  9. Wait a minute….racism = girly slap?

    Pedroia did the same thing this post seasonm, so I’m shocked that Mike was so offended.

    If you boys take pride in the character of your team, so be it, but I’m quite sure it has little to do with why you actually support the club. I can’t accept much sh*te from a 07 Patriots and 86 Mets supporter.

  10. Hey, Ty Cobb just wasn’t a racist, he was a supreme dick in a variety of ways. A five-tool tool!

    And I was 12 in 1986 and had no idea I was cheering for a bunch of coke addled, cat decapitators. Still, they didn’t slap the ball out of a dude’s hand like that, that I can recall.

  11. Pedroia’s slap was hardly as noticeable and I doubt he would have started crying like a baby if he had been called out.

    Really, it was Arod’s “what did i Do!?!?” face after the play that was annoying and egregious.
    I think the slap is natural reaction but then you gotta take your medicine when you’re called out a couple secs later.

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