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November 1, 2007 at 9:06 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 7 Comments

Good morning Posse. Carolina Blue has a rather unimaginative article about Carolina’s high hopes. In other news, Ty Lawson just discovered that there are actually two ends to a basketball court. This is good news, no? Losing Terry and Wright might not not slow down the Heel’s too much, but we’ll need better on-the-ball pressure to make up for the lack of long-e-ness. Just a few days before the first exhibition, and hopefully I’ll find some more interesting stories soonish. Maybe I’ll make something up about Danny Green’s quest to shoot more often before the shot clock hits 30. Maybe not. Anyways, people are excited, and I’m one of them.

As for gridiron…I’ll save most of it for the Maryland preview…coming laters todays. Don’t miss it. Or do. David Glenn has an interesting blog entry on how in the f*ck Jim Grobe is winning at Wake Forest. Most of the points are solid, though I’d like to see DG be more aggressive in his condemnation of FSU and Miami as well as the middle tier programs. When you ask how BC and WF are dominating the ACC, you must consider how poorly some of the programs with built-in advantages have screwed the pooch.

Well that sucked. I sure hope the N&O has stories about Florida’s grabbing and clutching running on Saturday. The Panthers are clearly having problems getting people to show up for home games, and with that ‘old NHL’ trapping, it is easy to understand. Justin Williams took three really silly penalties though, including one where he playfully batted the puck over the glass giving Florida a 5 on 3. We can’t put all of the blame on the officials.

Arsenal’s reserves advance again. It was men and boys out there, with the boys having all of the ball. I’ve got thoughts on the most massive game ever in the history of all civilization ever and always forever. Might keep them to myself though.

Bye now.



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  1. you should check out the front page of…think they are replaying the Giggs goal from 1999. Over and over again…


  3. When’s your birthday Mike? We’ve picked out a gift for you.

  4. I’m just geting the American flag pin to add to it.

  5. That’s hirarious.

  6. That’s hirarious.

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