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November 5, 2007 at 9:53 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | Leave a comment

Now that was a lovely weekend. Except for the drinking of way way way too much Scotch on Saturday night, that is. I can still taste it a bit. Plarf. A huge win for Carolina gridiron on Saturday. Maryland was really never able to get their offense going, and you have to be amazed at how far the young defense has come. All but 4 of the starters are freshmen and sophomores and even though the Terp’s offensive line is beat up, to hold an ACC team (other than Dook) to less than two touchdowns is quite an accomplishment. Of course….the media is once again dreaming of a January exhibition against Purdue. I’m sure Butch has nothing but State on his plate, though.

We are already 40 point underdogs to Dook. I couldn’t make it to this, but it seems the performance was not impressive. At least Surry was up for it. I won’t be losing any sleep over this, but I expect to be impressed on Friday night. Fox has a preview posted. Tyler Zeller will be announcing today and the early word is that he’ll make the right choice. Have to wait to be sure though.

Game of the century #1. Pretty fair result. United are very very good and it’s been quite some time since a team has come into the Emirates and boss the game for 20 minutes or so as they did in the second half. Still, Arsenal kept at it and scrapped an equalizer. Could be a huge point. Here are highlights from the weekend.
Game of the century #2. It pretty much lived up to they hype and I’m just sorry they can’t play in the Super Bowl. I’m sure Indy will take comfort in playing so well while missing Marvin, but I think they showed a bit too much of Addai….next time the Patriots will be ready for that.

I had more…but I have to work at work now. Until laters.


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