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November 6, 2007 at 9:46 am | Posted in Jackie Manuel | 2 Comments

Ty Zeller is a Tar Heel! We can only hope that he’s half as good as the last player we stole from the Hoosier state. ACC Now is running nice basketball previews. Tyler is a pre-season All-American. Does anybody understand why we have pre-season All-Americans? Robbi Pickeral catches up with wolf tamer, John Bunting. Not sure why the local media is doing that kind of thing now, but whatevers. Barney Fife is aware of how much the game means to the Pack. Everywhere you can read this is more than just a game. What else is it then? Here is a lame article about how the state has plenty of football talent, noting that:

The Carolinas are rapidly growing, and as they do, the talent level is getting better and deeper. As recently as ten years ago, an article like this would have included both states, but the talent in each is so good, they deserve to get recognized separately.

North Carolina tends to get labeled as a basketball state, but this is still the South and its people love their football just as much here. The state boasts five Division I football programs, four of which compete in the ACC. The state is also home to back-to-back Division I-AA national champions Appalachian State, which recently grabbed headlines with their upset win over Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Since the inception of the ESPN 150, North Carolina has had at least four prospects in it every year, with a high of nine in the 2007 class. The state also boasts four participants in the inaugural ESPNU High School All-American game with athlete Brandon Barnes (Bunn, NC), safety Spencer Adams (Matthews, NC / Butler), tight end Dwayne AllenBraden Hanson (Charlotte, NC /Latin) all accepting invitations. (Fayetteville, NC / ) and quarterback Braden Hanson (Charlotte, NC /Latin) all accepting invitations.

Wow. 4 prospects. Let’s just assume that Carolina and State are not ignorantly playing ASU and ECU for a minute. 4 top 150 prospects divided by 4 NC BCS universities equals 1 top 150 prospect per program. Why the f*ck aren’t we winning national titles? Now I realize that I just counted Dook as an actual competitor but FFS, even if UNC grabs all 4 of the studs we’re not exactly Miami circa 2001, are we?

The Carolina Hurricanes look great. Read more here, here, and here.

I wasn’t even going to mention Demento’s comments about Howard Webb favoring Arsenal in the match on Saturday. Clearly he’s an old man who can’t remember what kind of pie he had for dinner. Now the old coot is taking sides with the loathsome Seep Blatter. United have 15 foreigners in their first team and SAF-tard should remember that according to FIFA, he is a foreigner too. If you want to ruin European football than you’ll support this xenophobic view. Anyone who has watched the game in England grow over the last ten years should have no doubt that the foreign talent has made the game better. It’s a critical night in Europe for several teams.

Everyone is asking: Can they go undefeated? Should be interesting.



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  1. Congrats on winning your office pool! I’ve decided that next year I’m going as Hines Ward for Halloween. I’m gonna run up and down franklin street with a large cattle-catcher on my front end and just bowl people over.

  2. Are we recruiting too many people named Ty or Tyler?

    “Heat forward Penny Hardaway’s runner in the lane with 3:07 left in the half was his first NBA regular-season basket since Dec. 7, 2005.”

    So Penny and Shaq are reunited. Maybe the Gin Blossoms will get back together. And since when is Penny a forward?

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